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Meet Joshua Richard, Biography Of Nigerian - Nollywood Actor, Age, Instagram, Birthday, Family, Net Worth, Movies, Married, Parents, State Of Origin, Wife, Wikipedia, Girlfriend

Who Is Joshua Richard?
Joshua Richard is a Nigerian Nollywood Actor, Writer, Musician, Photographer and Art Director.

Movies, Filmography: Joshua Richard has acted in Crash & Burn, MZ Behaviour, What Are Friends For? House 69, What The Heart Sees, Scorned, Bobby's Ransom, Being In Nollywood, Tough Love, Forgotten, Half Measures, Festac Town, Birthmark among others.

Joshua Richard does more of Itoko TV movies and TV series, sitcom, soap opera.

Phases: Joshua Richard is currently playing the role of Preye in 'Phases' series by Ndani TV

State Of Origin: Where is Joshua Richard, Nigerian actor from? 

Joshua Richard Date Of Birthday, Birthday, Age: How Old Is Joshua Richard, Nollywood Nigerian actor? 

Net Worth: Joshua Richard Nigerian Nollywood actor's Net Worth unavailable at the moment.

Family, Marriage, Wife: Is Joshua Richard, Nigerian - Nollywood actor married?
Joshua Richard is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiancee or relationship on his instagram page.

Teeth, Dentition: Joshua Richards has a perfect dentition.

Being In Nollywood: Joshua Richard speaking about 'Being In Nollywood' - a TV series said:

"Being In Nollywood is more like reality to people who don't really understand what reality of people on TV is. This is because a lot of people see people on TV and they go you are making lots of money, you driving fast cars but it's not like that. I mean there are times that I don't have anything in my bank account. Nobody will ever see me and not say oh, Joshua it's a lie. So, this is really showing the humanity of being a celebrity than just being a celebrity is, so that is what Being In Nollywood is to all of us. It's like breaking down the walls, then you get to see the people that really understand you, the people that can relate with you and you get to see some commons, people who don't like you, people who just feel like you are a fake but hey, not everyone will like you. The people who will like you will like you.
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People who will never understand you will never understand you no matter what you do so that is the reality. The reality is this is us, this is our insecurities, this is our fears, this is our lifestyle. If you can't keep up, we don't know what to do anymore but this is us."

Joshua Richard instagram page Account Handle joshuarichard1

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How old is Joshua Richards Nigerian actor?

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