Evangelist Ositadinma Muolokwu Bio, Age, Wife, Sex Scandal, Hacked Facebook Account

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Meet Evang. Osita Muolokwu, Biography, Wikipedia, Family, Wife, Facebook Hacked, Accused Of Sleeping With Married Women, Evang. Osita Muolokwu Scandal

Who Is Evangelist Ositadinma Muolokwu?
Evang. Osita Muolokwu is a Nigerian Evangelist and singer who went viral after his Facebook account was hacked and the hacker leaked chats accusing him of sleeping with married women.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Evangelist Ositadinma Muolokwu was born on April 29.

Marriage, Wife: Evangelist Ositadinma Muolokwu is married.

Evangelist Ositadinma Muolokwu Sex Scandal And Hacked Facebook

A Hacker has gained access to the Facebook account of a Nigerian pastor, popularly known as Evangelist Ositadinma Muolokwu and exposed a series of his private messages filled with sexcapedes with various married women and singles, believed to be some of his church members.

A Nigerian married Pastor who has slept with almost every woman he knows has been exposed.

The Pastor who goes by the name “Evang Ositadinma Muolokwu” was hacked by an unknown person who shared screenshots of his chats with woman.

However, most of the women are people who are married and have children but are still having a love affair with him.

Sharing his chats with women, the hacker captioned each with:

"Shame on you osita
Hello everyone
I’m a hacker and after I hack this man account I saw his chat with marry women, he is a fake man and a home breaker shame on you
Evangelism osita shame!!!!
Women are big disgrace to their husbands"

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