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Who is Evangelist Jenny?
Jenny Kenny is a Nigerian Evangelist, singer who is known for her guitar and a Nollywood actress.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: How old is Evangelist Jenny Kenny 

Family, Children, Husband: Is Jenny Kenny married?
Evangelist Jenny Kenny is married with children.

State Of Origin: Where is Evangelist Jenny Kenny from?

Blind: Is Jenny Kenny blind? Evangelist Jenny Kenny is not blind. Jenny Kenny played the role of a blind woman in the Nollywood movie, "Forbidden".

Guitar: Evangelist Jenny Kenny is a guitarist. She loves to play guitar. This made her video go viral in 2018 and celebrities started looking for her. Actor and singer, David Jones David later found her and gave her money.

Music, Evangelist Jenny Kenny And David Jones David Collaboration, Song: David Jones David – Giant Killer Ft Evangelist Jenny Kenny

Nollywood Actress: Evangelist Jenny Kenny has joined Nollywood and acts in Nigerian movies.

Movies: Evangelist Jenny Kenny has acted in the following Nollywood movies, Identical Twins, Heart Of A Serpent, Forbidden as a blind woman among others.

Net Worth: Evangelist Jenny Kenny

Evangelist Jenny Kenny Instagram Page Profile Account Handle the_real_jenny_kenny_o
The Real Jenny KennyO
For Boiokiings Call this No 08037089244. The Real Jenny Kenny O


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I taught David was her son
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