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Instagram Photos: Meet Eno-Obong Silky Effiong Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Family, Married, Net Worth, Movies, Married, Husband, Nationality, Boyfriend, Wedding, House, Cars, State Of Origin, Hair Style. All About Eno-Obong Effiong, Photos, Pictures, Images, Ig Pics

Eno-obong Effiong nationality
Eno-Obong Effiong Wikipedia
Eno-obong Effiong biography
Eno Obong Effiong profile
Eno-Obong Effiong is from which country
History Of Eno Obong Effiong: Everything To Know About Eno Obong Effiong

Who is Eno-Obong Effiong?
Eno-Obong Effiong is a Nigerian Nollywood actress and Instagram comedian who is known for her bald hairstyle.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Eno-Obong Effiong was born on February 28....
How old is Eno Obong Effiong?

Nationality, Country Of Origin: Eno-Obong Effiong is from which country? Eno Obong Effiong is a Nigerian.

Tribe, State Of Origin: Where is Eno-Obong Effiong from? Eno-Obong Effiong is of Ibibio tribe, Akwa Ibom State, one of the South South States of Nigeria.

Full Name: Eno-Obong Effiong Silky Gift

Movies: Eno-Obong Effiong has featured in few Nollywood movies such as Afrawo, Our Husband, Omambala among others.

Hairstyle, Hair: Eno-Obong Effiong likes to rock bald hair, skin cut. Eno Obong Effiong  doesn't like to grow hair or wear wigs or weavons.

Writing a letter about her future husband about her hair, Eno-Obong Effiong wrote on her instagram page:

"Dear Future Husband, I Love You So Much And I Would Chose You Over And Over Again But If You For Any Reason Tell Me To Grow My Hair Or Wear Wigs, Just Know That You'll Be Sleeping On The Floor Or Getting Only Missionary Style 😏🙄 Forever.
But I'm Fine Sha.. #QueenSilky"

Marriage, Husband: Is Eno-Obong Effiong married?
Eno-Obong Effiong is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or relationship on her instagram page.

Dating, Relationship, Boyfriend: Eno Obong Effiong keeps her relationship away from social media.

Height: How tall is Eno-Obong Effiong?

Net Worth: Eno-Obong Effiong net worth is about $150,000 US Dollars

Instagram Handle: Eno-Obong Effiong instagram page account profile handle silkygifty

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Eno Obong Effiong doesn't post much about her family but here is a photo of Eno-Obong Effiong and her mother.
eno obong effiong mother

eno-obong effiong biography
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Eno-obong Effiong biography
Eno-Obong Effiong Wikipedia
Eno-Obong Effiong is from which country
About eno obong effiong Nigerian actress

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Eno-Obong Silky Effiong biography
Silky Gifty Nollywood actress
About Silky Gifty 

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