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Meet Darlington Oparah, Bio, Wikipedia, Birthday, Family, Movies, Married, Instagram Photos, Net Worth, Tattoo, Height, Parents, Darlington Okpara Biography

Who Is Darlington Opara?
Darlington Opara is a handsome light-skinned Nollywood Nigerian actor who started acting professionally in 2015. Darlington Oparah is a fast rising Nollywood actor.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Darlington Opara was born on 11 May 1986.
How old is Darlington Opara?
Darlington Opara is 34 years old this year 2020.

State Of Origin: Where is Darlington Opara from?
Darlington Opara is from Imo State, Nigerian.

Education: Darlington Opara is a Biochemist, he studied Biochemistry at Imo State University (IMSU)

Wedding, Marriage, Wife: Is Darlington Opara married?
Darlington Opara is not yet married.

Girlfriend: Who is Darlington Opara's girlfriend?
Darlington Opara doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiance or relationship on his instagram page.

Family, Parents: Darlington Opara doesn't post about his father, mother or siblings on social media.

Movies: Darlington Opara has featured in the following Nollywood movies, What Other Couple's Do, When Night Is Falling, Outcast, The Space Between, Just To Say I Do, Missing Puzzle, Necessary Evil, Borrowed Heart, Through Thick And Thin, Wife For Rent, Insecure, The Billionaire's Last Wife, Bachelor's Life, A Week To My Wedding, Before Getting Married, Broken Covenant, among others.

Nollywood Journey: Darlington Opara started acting in Nollywood movies in 2015. His first movie was 'Journey To Dreamland'.
He was acting in church programmes before he joined Nollywood in 2015 and started professional acting.

Tattoo: Darlington Opara loves tattoos, he has his  arrm tattooed.

Height: Darlington Opara is not tall. He is average.

Net Worth: Darlington Opara's net Worth is unavailable.

Instagram: Darlington Opara instagram Page Account profile handle darlingtonoparah

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