Chinedu Akuwudike: Special Nedu Biography, Age, Instagram, Brother, Parents, Mother, Family, Mama Chinedu Comedy

About Chinedu M. Akuwudike aka Specialnedu How Old Is Special Nedu? Birthday, Bio, Wikipedia, Comedy, Parents, Family, Mother, Father, Net Worth, Real Name

Who Is Chinedu Akuwudike: Special Nedu?
Chinedu Akuwudike aka Special Nedu is an Instagram and YouTube comedian who is popularly known as Chinedu of Mama Chinedu comedy.

Full, Real Name: Special Nedu real name is Chinedu Michael Goodluck Akuwudike

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Chinedu Akuwudike Specialnedu was born on 22 April 2010.
How old is Special Nedu?
Special Nedu is currently 10 years old. Specialnedu celebrated his 10th birthday on 22nd April 2020.

Brother: Special Nedu's brother is Chukwudike Akuwudike aka Iamdikeh of Mama Chinedu comedy.

Mama Chinedu Comedy: Special Nedu acts as Chinedu while his brother acts as his mother, Mama Chinedu.

State Of Origin: Where is Chinedu Akuwudike Special Nedu from? Chukwudike Akuwudike Special Nedu is from Ezinihitte Mbaise Imo State, Nigeria.
Special Nedu two Brothers after the burial of their father in IMO state. 

Family, Parents, Father: Special Nedu father is late but his mother is still alive. Special Nedu father was buried in January 2020.
 Meet Special Nedu mother

 Special Nedu  parents and elder brother
 Meet Special Nedu late father
 Photo of Special Nedu father and mother

Net Worth: Special Nedu net Worth not ascertained at the moment.

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