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Meet Benjamin TouitouNet Worth, Is Ben Lugo Touitou Married, How Old? Bio, Wikipedia, Instagram, Girlfriend, Sister, Wife, Mother, Father, Movies, Height, Hair. About Benjamin Ugo Profile

History Of Ben Lugo Touitou: Everything To Know About Benjamin Nnayelugo Touitou Wife, Baby Mama

Profile Wiki: Who Is Ben Lugo Benjamin Touitou?
Benjamin Ben Lugo Touitou is a handsome, Nigerian born Nollywood actor, a Nigerian model, an entrepreneur and a computer geek.

Ben Lugo Touitou is also known as Benjamin Ugo.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Ben Lugo Touitou was born on 22 January 1988. Benjamin Ugo: Ben Lugo Touitou was born in Enugu State, January 22, 1988.

State Of Origin, Home Town, Tribe: Ben Lugo Benjamin Touitou is Igbo by tribe and hails from Imo State.

Age: How old is Ben Lugo Touitou?
Ben Lugo Touitou is 32 years as at 2020.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Ben Lugo Touitou was born to a Jewish Israeli father and a Christian Igbo mother from Nigeria.
Photo of Benjamin Lugo parents - dad and mum

Sibling, Sister: Ben Lugo Touitou's sibling and younger sister is married and lives in Canada with her husband and two kids.

Igbo Language: Ben Lugo Touitou speaks really good Igbo. He wrote Igbo Language in WAEC and got a B2.
Ben Lugo Touitou featured in his first ever Igbo movie 'Ego Malaysia'.

Descent/Nationality, Ethnicity: Ben Lugo Touitou has dual citizenship - Israeli and Nigerian. Ben Lugo Touitou is from Israel and Nigeria.

Real, Full Name: Benjamin Abba Nnayelugo Touitou.
His Igbo name is Nnanyelugo but he cut it short to Lugo. That is his middle name.
His Hebrew name is Abba which means father

Half Caste, Biracial: Ben Lugo Touitou aka Benjamin Ugo is a half caste (biracial). He is one of the half castes ruling Nollywood - the Nigerian movie industry.

State Of Origin: Where is Benjamin touitou from? Ben Lugo Touitou is from Imo state. Benjamin Ugo mum is Nigerian, from Imo State, and his dad was Jewish, from Israel.

Academic Background, Education: Ben Lugo Touitou had his primary and secondary education in Enugu State where he grew up with his parents, while his tertiary education was in Valley View University, Accra, Ghana where he obtained a B.Sc. in Computer Science, in 2010.

Ben Lugo Touitou went to really good schools. All his schools have been private, from basic to tertiary institutions. His parents made sure he was sent to the best and very expensive schools.

When Benjamin Touitou Started His Acting Career: Ben Lugo Touitou started acting in 2008 when he was at Valley View University, Ghana. His first acting was for a series; “Faith and Fantasy” in Ghana.

Movies: Ben Lugo Touitou has featured in over 30 movies such as Temptress, Alter Ego, Crazy People, Akunne, Mirror Image, Lagos Cougars, Desperate Housewives Africa, Mad Man I Love, Ego Malaysia, Crazy People, among others.

Food: Ben Lugo Touitou is a foodie. He is a good cook too.
“I can cook. I don’t really like to cook, but sometimes when the spirit just comes up, I just cook. You know what they say about men that can cook." he told Pulse.

He likes all kind of native food.
“I like Nsala soup, I like Egusi soup, and I like Vegetable soup. I love anything that is native and healthy. People ask me “Do you eat garri?” and I’m like “I’m a Nigerian, why won’t I do all those things. There is no forming in that one, I love local dishes.”

Girlfriend, Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Is Benjamin Touitou married? Ben Lugo Touitou is not yet married but he has a girlfriend who he doesn't flaunt on his instagram page.

Ben Lugo Touitou shared a chat he had with his mother about marriage and wife. Obviously, Ben Lugo Touitou mother wants him to get married.

Talking to Leadership about marriage in an interview, Benjamin Ugo said:
 "I am single o! I am not married yet. Man got to hustle first. You know all these women, they don't have problems. One rich man can come out from nowhere to sweep them off their feet. But there is somebody I'm seeing though, I have somebody in my life. The talk of marriage is something I take very seriously and any romance without finance is a nuisance. So man needs to be on top gear to keep the finances strong which will have good roots so that once you settle down, you are not looking back."

Children, Child, Daughter, Baby Mama: Does Ben Lugo Benjamin Touitou Ugo have a child? Yes, Benjamin Touitou has a beautiful daughter and a baby mama.

Height: How tall is Ben Lugo Touitou? Benjamin Touitou is 6 feet tall.

Pictures, Images of Benjamin Lugo Touitou standing tall

Hair, Hairstyle: Ben Lugo Touitou has curly natural hair. Ben Lugo Touitou was rocking full Afro hair, braids but later cut his hair. He also rocks blond hairstyle

Pictures Of Benjamin Lugo Touitou and his Hairstyle

Net Worth: Ben Lugo Benjamin Touitou net Worth is about $300,000 US Dollars

Source Of Income, Salary: Benjamin Touitou makes money from acting, modelling, brand promotion, and other side hustles but.

House, Cars: Ben Lugo Touitou drives nice cars

Instagram Benjamin Ugo: Ben Lugo Touitou Instagram Page Profile Account Handle bentouitou 

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Where is Benjamin touitou from?

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