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Meet Angella Brucesteen Ouattara, Bio, Instagram, Wikipedia, Parents, Birthday, Movies, Family, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Age, Pictures, Nollywood Ivorian Actress. Angela Bruce Biography, Nigeria Actress Profile

Who Is Angella Brucesteen Ouattara?
Who Is Angela Bruce?
Angela Bruce Brucesteen Ouattara is a busty Ivorian born Nollywood actress who is from Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) but making waves in the Nigerian movie industry.

Angela Brucesteen Ouattara aka Posha Cat-Eye played a very crucial role in the movie '72 Hours', a Movie Produced by Ken and Terry Ishola and Directed by World Wild and Terry Ishola.

Angela Brucesteen has acted alongside many A-list Nollywood actors and actresses like Queeneth Hilbert, Tony Umez, IK Ogbonna, Dave Ogbeni, Ngozi Ezeonu among others.

State Of Origin, Country, Nationality: Where is Angella Brucesteen Ouattara from? Is Angela Bruce from Nigeria?
Angela Bruce is Ivorian. Angella Brucesteen Ouattara is from Ivory Coast - Côte d'Ivoire, a Country in West Africa.
Is Angella Brucesteen Ouattara a Nigerian?
No, Angella Brucesteen Ouattara is not a Nigerian or from Nigeria but from Côte d'Ivoire.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Angela Bruce was born on November 13.
Age: How old is Angela Brucesteen Ouattara?

Nickname: Angella Brucesteen Ouattara is also known as Posha Cat-Eye (Angella Brucesteen Ouattara aka Posha Cat-Eye)

Full Name: Angela Bruce full name is Angella Brucesteen Ouattara

Marriage, Husband: Is Angela Bruce married? Angela Bruce Ouattara is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her fiance on her instagram page.
 Angela Bruce And Toosweet Anan

Boyfriend: Who is Angela Bruce boyfriend?
Angella Brucesteen Ouattara does not show off her boyfriend on her instagram page.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Angella Brucesteen Ouattara also doesn't flaunt her family, siblings or parents on her Instagram page.
Are Angela Bruce Parents From Nigeria? No, actress Angela Bruce father and mother are not Nigerians, they are from Ivory Coast.

Net Worth: Angella Brucesteen Ouattara makes money as a Nollywood actress but her net Worth is unavailable.

Movies: Angela Bruce Ouattara has featured in the following Nigerian Nollywood movies, 72 Hours, The Betrothed, Detailed, Dafe's Options, Royal Calabash, Husband's Secret, The Misfortune, Hotel Receptionist, Beauties Of The Night, The Humble Prince, Deep Truth, among others.

Instagram: Angela Brucesteen Ouattara Instagram Page Account Profile Handle angelabrucesteenouattara

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