10 Facts About Mary Nky Onyemena: 12 Hot Instagram Photos Of Miss Koikoi

Mary Nky Onyemena: Everything You Need To Know + Mary Nky Onyemena On Instagram - Pictures, Photos, Videos

Who is Mary Nky Onyemena?
Mary Nky Onyemena is a Nigerian Nollywood actress who is popular for her small-sized stature.

Date Of Birth, Real Age, Birthday: Mary Nky Onyemena was born on 29 December.
How old is Mary Nky Onyemena? 

Nickname: Mary Nky Onyemena is also known as Miss Koikoi aka Mary Misskoikoi. Mary Nky Onyemena is also known as Rebecca.

Entrepreneur: Mary Nky Onyemena is the CEO of Koikoi empire

Comedy: Mary Nky Onyemena is a comedienne. She acts comedy roles and skits. She refers to herself as Comedy Queen

YouTube Channel: Mary Nky Onyemena has a YouTube channel called Misskoikoi TV where she posts her comedy skits.

Boyfriend, Marriage, Husband: Is Mary Nky Onyemena married?
Mary Nky Onyemena is not yet married and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiancee, relationship on her instagram page.

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Net Worth: Mary Nky Onyemena earns moderately as a Nigerian actress and entertainer. She also makes money from her YouTube channel. However, Thefamousnaija can't estimate  Mary Nky Onyemena's exact net Worth.

Movies, Filmography: Mary Nky Onyemena movies include, SPIRIT OF A STRANGE, The Return Of Billionaire, Crazy princess, Illiterate Pretty Woman, Ring Of War, Agadi Ekwenka, Settle Me, School Of Tears, Virgin Justice, Ghetto Is My Home among others.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Mary Nky Onyemena's mother died in December 2018.

Instagram: Mary Nky Onyemena 'Miss Koikoi' Instagram Page Account Profile Handle

State Of Origin: Where is Mary Nky Onyemena from?

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