What A Shame!!! Echonigeria Copies And Pastes Thefamousnaija Article Against It, Embarrases Self (Photos)
Echonigeria forum can copy and paste another person's metric number and name in university exam!!!

This is the height of copy and paste journalism.

Thefamousnaija posted an article detailing how Echonigeria has been plagiarizing our articles via copy and paste.

See the earlier article:

Echonigeria In Copy And Paste, Copyright Infringement Scandal: Always Copies Thefamousnaija Exclusive Articles

Shortly after we published the article, Echonigeria shamelessly copied the same article we published against them.  

When they realised their embarrassing mistake, they deleted it, not before we screenshot it. 

Can't they do without Thefamousnaija? 

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