Usman Shagari: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Fitness Model, Shehu Shagari's Grandson

10 Facts About Usman Shagari, Nigerian Fitness Model, Shehu Shagari Grandson You Didn't Know

1 Usman Shagari is a handsome light-skinned Nigerian fitness model, Fashion model, a gym, workout addict, fitness trainer and enthusiast

2 Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Usman Shagari was born 29 March

3 State Of Origin/Tribe: Usman Shagari is Fulani by tribe and he is from Sokoto state.

4 Grandfather: Usman Shagari is the grandson of Nigeria's former, President Shehu Shagari

5 Parents, Father, Mother: Usman Shagari is the son of Muktar Shehu Shagari, a former deputy Governor of Sokoto state. Usman Shagari's mother's name is Salamatu Shagari. He celebrated his mother, Salamatu Shagari's 56th birthday on April 26.

6 His father, Muktar Shehu Shagari was appointed Nigerian Minister of Water Resources in a June 2001 reshuffle of the cabinet of President Olusegun Obasanjo, holding office until January 2007 when he left to compete for Deputy Governor of Sokoto State. He was elected Deputy Governor of Sokoto State in April 2007, and after a legal challenge was reelected in May 2008.

7 Education: Usman Shagari graduated from Regent's University, London in 2016 and did his Nysc in 2019.

8 Workout, Fitness Modelling, Gym, Abs: Usman Shagari is best known for his killer pictures and swoony workout body showoff. He is a fitness model. Usman Shagari has a fitness page on instagram @iAMShagariFitness I Am Shagari Fitness where he shares motivating pictures of his fitness, gym journey and share his work out routine. Moreso, due to the great criticisms he gets for posting shirtless photos on his main instagram account page handle, Usman Shagari uses his fitness page on Instagram to flaunt and post his shirtless pictures that show off his muscles, chest and abs.

9 Describing himself in an interview with House Of Highness: Usman Shagari said: "I’m a very chilled person, relaxed and very down to earth. I tend to keep to myself, you know, simple schedule, go to gym – work out.  I don’t go out a lot."

10 On what his typical day is like: Usman Shagari said: "Waking up, I usually eat a light break fast… fries and eggs or sausage and beverages.Protein shakes, [laughs] I take protein shakes in the morning! I work out six times a week."

11 Usman Shagari said he doesn't work out Twice a day:
"No, No, No (Laughs) I absolutely do not have that time. So, I work out between 4-6PM. Listening to Drake mostly, I am a big fan. ‘Do not Disturb’ by Drake is THE song for me. I relate to it a lot. The lyrics, the beat I relate to a lot. I think you should listen to it, and a few from the MIGOS too."

12 Clothing Brands: Usman Shagari told House Of Highness: "Luis Vuitton [Laughs] I am an LV guy. I love their accessories and the simplicity of the brand. For clothing, mostly I go to Zara. The Aesthetics are brilliant, it's quite contemporary and trendy. Then, definitely NIKE for my gym wears. You can probably tell by my House of Highness Summer Picks."

13 Girlfriend, Fiancee, Wife, Marriage, Wedding:
Usman Shagari revealed on his Instagram page that he would be getting married on 2021. Moreso, in 2019 interview with House Of Highness, when asked about marriage and relationship status, Usman Shagari revealed he has a fiancee, he said: "I will probably settle down in 2 years (2021). Yes I have someone, and things are looking pretty well at the moment. She is a very private person and we’d like to keep it private for now.

14 On Misconceptions out there about him that he would love to correct:
Usman Shagari told House Of Highness: "This misconception of people thinking I am too hard to approach, that I am quite irresponsible and outgoing all the time. That is simply not correct. I have never turned down anyone and have fun with limits.  Then, People think I have a lot of pride [smiles] but that is not true too."

15 Height: Usman Shagari is average tall.
with ebuka obi-uchendu

with Seyi Awolowo BBNaija

Instagram: Usman Shagari has over 86k Followers on his Instagram Account Profile Handle iamshagari_

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