Smith Franks Biography, Age, Instagram, Wife, Tattoo, Movies, Nollywood Actor, Singer, Net Worth

Meet Smith Franks (G Cloud) Bio, Age, Wikipedia, Nollywood Actor, Birthday, Movies, Wife, Married, Family, Net Worth, Singer, Album, Tattoo

Who Is Smith Franks?
Smith Franks is a handsome Light-skinned Nollywood actor who is also a singer known as G Cloud aka Dat Ngwa Boi.

About Smith Franks, Awards: Smith Franks is a Nollywood actor/producer and the double award winning actor[best fast rising ACTOR 2015 AMMA and LEGEND AWARD] best promising ACTOR 2016

State Of Origin: Smith Franks is from Ngwa in Abia State.

Singer, Album: Smith Franks is also a Nigerian singer. He has an album "Chinedum". Smith Franks uses G Cloud aka Dat Ngwa Boi as his artiste name as a musician.

Nickname: Smith Franks is also known as "Nollywood Finest" and G Cloud aka Dat Ngwa Boi

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Smith Franks was born on June 26.
How old is Smith Franks?

Movies: Smith Franks has featured in many Nollywood movies such as Irony Of Life, Obinze, Afrawo, German Machine, Royal Rumble, Agbogidi Series, Return Of One Man Squad, Cry Of Adaora, Sacred Blood, The Killer among others.

Tattoo: Smith Franks is a lover of tattoos. The Nollywood actor, Smith Franks has his arms, hand tattooed.

Marriage, Wife, Family: Is Smith Franks married?
It's not clear if Smith Franks is married or not as he doesn't share photos of his family, wife or girlfriend on his instagram page.

Smith Franks instagram account page profile handle smith.franks
Nollywood finest
-Public Figure
-Brand Ambassador
Management/Advert DM me

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