Real MC Fish 10 Hot Instagram Photos: 13 Facts About Fisayo Michael Olagunju, Anita Joseph Husband

MC Fish Instagram: 13 Things About Fisayo Michael Olagunju You Didn't Know - Anita Joseph Husband

Who Is Anita Joseph Husband?

1 MC Fish 'Michael Fisayo' is a Hype man and Master of Ceremony who has headlined some A-list events, like the Hennessy Artistry

2 MC Fish is also a Nigerian actor and a host

3 MC Fish real name is Fisayo Michael Olagunju

4 Fisayo Michael nickname is MC Fish aka Real MC Fish

5 Fisayo Michael 'MC Fish' was born on 22nd of March 1993.

6 MC Fish is the husband of Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph aka Nita J NitaJ

Anita Joseph with her mother in law, MC Fish Mother 

7 Real MC Fish and his actress wife, Anita Joseph got married on February 14, which was Valentine’s Day - lovers day.

8 Fisayo Michael 'MC Fish' is younger than his wife, Anita Joseph Olagunju. His wife is older than him. While his wife, Anita Joseph Olagunju is 35 years this year, MC Fish is 27 years
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9 MC Fish told Vanguard how he got his stage name, nickname, 'MC Fish':
"My name is MC Fish, the real one, the chosen one. I’m a hype man, an actor, a host, the name Fish came from my troublesome friend while I was in school. My real name is Fisayo Micheal. The friend who mischievously gave me the name was a bit innocent about because  he just wanted to call my name and he mispronounced as ‘Fishayo’. From that day on, others just turned it to ‘Fish’ and it caught on. When I started I felt it wasn’t a name so bad, so I took it on"

10 MC Fish biggest show was the Hennessy Artistry in 2018.

11 Fisayo Michael Olagunju MC Fish sister is a lawyer

12 As a Deejay, MC Fish plans to be dropping singles once in a while but doesn't want to go into music full time

13 Real Mr Fish Yahoo Yahoo Scam Allegations by Michelle, An Oyinbo White Woman Who Had Cancer in 2016.

Fisayo Michael Olagunju MC Fish was 23 years old in 2016 when a white woman suffering from cancer accused him of on instagram of scamming her.

Fisayo Michael MC Fish Instagram Account Profile Handle realmcfish realmcfish
Pro HypeMan, your next MC. ISAIAH 45:2-5

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