Prince Iyke Olisa Biography, Age: 12 Things About Wife, Family, Children, Net Worth, Movies, Instagram, Wikipedia

Meet Prince Iyke Olisa, Biography, Instagram, Wife - Sylvia, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Wikipedia, Family, Movies, Children

1 Who is Prince Iyke Olisa?

Prince Iyke Olisa is a Nigerian actor, scriptwriter, Nollywood movie producer, filmmaker, director and marketer.

2 State Of Origin: Prince Iyke Olisa is from Nnewi North in Anambra state.

3 Family: Prince Iyke Olisa is from a family of eight children. He has six brothers and two sisters.

4 Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Prince Iyke Olisa was born on 24th May.
How Old Is Prince Iyke Olisa?
Prince Iyke Olisa is 43 years
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5 Nollywood Journey/Script Writer: Prince Iyke Olisa started his Nollywood journey in 1994 as a commercial script writer. He wrote and sold scripts. After sometime, he decided to go into film production, from there he got into directing.

6 Actor By Accident: Prince Iyke Olisa entered acting by accident. It was actually on the set of one of his movies, he was directing and on set one actor couldn’t turn up due to circumstances beyond his control, so they were thinking of a better alternative and one actor on set suggested that he should take up the role and he did.

7 Prince Iyke Olisa started writing drama in his secondary school days

8 Education: Prince Iyke Olisa went for a 2 year training in film making at Walden University in America. Prince Iyke Olisa studied law at the National Open University.

9 Prince Iyke Olisa is the CEO, boss of Prime World productions

10 Movies: Prince Iyke Olisa has produced and featured in many Nollywood movies such as Royal Vampires, Girls in the Mood, The more you look the less you see, Adams Desire, Illicit Romance, The lesbians, Rev. Sister Ibu, Shina Rambo, Snake Mother, Son Of Python and the Return Of Son Of Python, Cross And Die, Monday Osunbor, among many others.

11 Love For Snake Movies: Prince Iyke Olisa likes to shoot snake movies. He has shot two snake movies that did very well, namely, Snake Mother, Son Of Python and the Return Of Son Of Python.

12 Marriage, Wedding Pictures, Family, Children: Prince Iyke Olisa got married to  Sylvia Chinwe in 2016. Prince Iyke Olisa and Sylvia Chinwe did both traditional and white wedding.

13 Wife, Sylvia Chinwe: Who is Prince Iyke Olisa wife?
Prince Iyke Olisa wife is Anyanwu Sylvia Chinwe who is a former Model, ex Nollywood actress and Producer. They have children.

14 Children: Prince Iyke Olisa currently has 3 children - a boy and a girl.

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