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About Phil Daniels, Phildaniels Aniedo Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Instagram, Birthday, Marriage, Movies, Net Worth, Children, Husband, Family, Parents, State Of Origin

Who Is Phil Daniels Aniedo?

Phildaniels Aniedo is a Nigerian, Nollywood actress who is known for playing motherly roles in Nollywood movies. Phil Daniels has featured in many Nollywood movies with so many A-list actors and actresses.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Phil Daniels Aniedo was born on 6 June....
How old is Phildaniels Aniedo?

Full Name: Phil Daniels full name is Phildaniels Aniedo

State Of Origin: Where is Phildaniels Aniedo from? Phil Daniels Aniedo is from Aguleri in Anambra State.

Marriage, Husband: Is Phil Daniels married? 
Phildaniels Aniedo is married with 2 children, daughters.

Movies, Filmography: Phil Daniels Aniedo has featured in many Nollywood movies such as, Revenge, Feast Of Blood, Amuma Mmiri, Game Of The Throne, Royal Majesty, The Oyi Of Oyi, Wind Of Fire, Billionaire Mad Man, If Trouble Comes, The Kings Decision, Making A King, Evil Within, Chief Imo Onye Okada, The Last Bride, Women Of Power, Iron Throne, Joy Of My Agony, Deeply Troubled, Power Of A Ghost, Son Of Trouble, among many others.

Coronavirus Skit with Nosa Rex: Phil Daniels went viral on Instagram after she was featured in Nosa Rex comedy skit video about coronavirus.

Parents: PhilDaniels Aniedo's mum is dead and buried. Her late mother Mrs Angela orekyeh was buried in May 2019 and many of her Nollywood colleagues stormed the event.

Instagram: Phil Daniels Instagram page account Profile Handle phyldaniels
Phildaniels Aniedo
Nollywood actor
C.E.O Actors on the go tv
Brand ambassador 
A Realtor
Independent woman

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