Oluchi Afundu Biography, Age, Instagram, Married, Husband, Children, Family, Net Worth, Movies

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Oluchi Afundu aka Jenny Oly Akpudiogwu Afundu Bio, Wikipedia, Instagram, Age, Birthday, Married, Husband, Children, Family, Daughters, Elidvic Movies

Meet Jennyoly Akpudiogwu Afundu Biography

Who Is Oluchi Afundu?
Oluchi Afundu is a Nigerian actress and Nollywood movie producer who is also known as Jennyoly Akpudiogwu Afundu. Oluchi Afundu is the producer and owner of Elidvic movies.

Full Name: Oluchi Afundu full name is Jenny Oly Akpudiogwu Afundu

Date Of Birth, Age, Birthday: Oluchi Afundu was born on 28 May.....
How old is Jennyoly Akpudiogwu Afundu?

Home Town, State Of Origin: Oluchi Afundu hails from Udi, Enugu State, Nigeria.

Education: Oluchi Afundu studied at Imo State University, Owerri Nigeria
St Cyprian's special science School, Nsukka
High School
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Family, Husband, Children: Is Oluchi Afundu aka Jennyoly Akpudiogwu Afundu married?
Yes, Oluchi Afundu is married and has two children - daughters currently.
Oluchi Afundu 'Jenny Oly Akpudiogwu Afundu' got married to her husband Mr Afundu since 31 December 2014.

Children/Daughters: Oluchi Afundu has two daughters. Her first Daughter, Marisa celebrated her 4th birthday recently.

Movies, Filmography: Oluchi Afundu aka Jenny Oly Akpudiogwu Afundu has acted and produced in some movies such as, My Tears, Drop Of Tears, My Tears, The Royal Healer, Seed Of Tears, Girls Battle, Cubana Babes, Journey To London, Royal Seed, Love Like Palm Wine, Family Secret among others.

Movie Producer/Elidvic Movies: Oluchi Afundu aka Jennyoly Akpudiogwu Afundu is a Nollywood producer. She is the CEO of Elidvic movies production. She set Elidvic movies production up on 17 October 2019.

Nollywood Actress: Oluchi Afundu aka Jennyoly Akpudiogwu Afundu started acting in Nollywood on 26 January 2017.

Net Worth: Oluchi Afundu aka Jenny Oly Akpudiogwu Afundu not available.

Oluchi Afundu Instagram Account Page Profile Handle elidvic_movies 
jennyoly Akpudiogwu Afundu
#Unstopable dramaqueen#
Cubana EP
@nollywood movies
CEO:Elid-Vic Movies
Proud mum & wife
Gods favourite daughter

News Dey Owner Is A Criminal
News Dey Owner Is A Criminal

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About Elidvic Movies
Elidvic Movies

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