Muonago Collins: 10 Funny Instagram Photos Of Nche Security. 10 Facts About The Nollywood Actor You Didn't Know

Who Is Muonago Collins aka Nche Security?
10 Things You Didn't Know About Muonago Collins 'Nche Security' Nollywood Actor

1. Muonago Collins aka Nche Security is a Nigerian comic actor who has featured in many Nollywood movies

2 Collins Muonago is also known as Nche Security, his stage name

3 Osuofia: Muonago Collins, Nche Security is known as 'Osuofia Brother' due to his resemblance to Nkem Owoh aka Osuofia. Muonago Collins, Nche Security acts like Osuofia

4 Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: Muonago Collins, Nche Security was born on 24th of December

5 On movie set, Muonago Collins is branded as a village jester or a mischief maker who staggers at most times

6 Muonago Collins, Nche Security is not usually drunk as he portrays in movies.

7 He presents a different picture of himself- a calm and harmless gentle man in real life

8 Muonago Collins is renowned for his comic roles and unique style of acting which has endeared him to many movie buffs.

9 Marriage: Nche Security Collins Muonago is happily married with children. One of his daughters is Olivia Muonago. Collins Muonago's wife's name is Tonia Muonago

wife of Muonago Collins Nche Security 

10 Gym, Fitness, Muscles, Workout: Muonago Collins aka Nche Security works out at the gym to keep fit and have macho muscular body which he shows off by going shirtless on instagram photos

11 Muonago Collins Official Instagram account Name profile Page Handle nche_security nche_security

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