Meet The Unigwe Sisters, Brother, Siblings, Family, Parents - Princess, Angel Onyi, Prince Buchi, Chimamanda

The Unigwes: About The Unigwe Family, Sisters & Brother - The Unigwe Siblings, Parents, Mother, Father - Princess, Angel Onyi, Prince Buchi, Chimamanda, The Unigwe Twins

The Unigwe family is made up of the Unigwe Nollywood sisters who are actresses, namely Princess Chizy Unigwe, Angel Onyi Unigwe, Chimamanda S. Unigwe and their brother, Prince Buchi Unigwe.

The Unigwe family is made up of talented kids, children - the actors, actresses.
The Unigwe family origin is from Imo state, Nigeria.

The Unigwe family members are Nollywood talented child / teenage actresses and actors.

 Princess Chizy Unigwe 

Princess Unigwe is the eldest of the Unigwe sisters. She is a beautiful teenage Nollywood actress, model and OAP. Princess Chizy Unigwe is the eldest of the Unigwe siblings.
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Angel Onyi Unigwe 

Angel Onyi Unigwe is the 2nd of the Unigwe sisters and she is the most beautiful and most featured in movies. She has acted in over 40 Nollywood movies, more that her other Unigwe siblings. Angel Onyi Unigwe is the most popular of the Unigwe sisters and siblings.

She is a twin. Angel Onyi Unigwe twin brother, Buchi Unigwe is also an actor.

Meet the Unigwe Twins - Angel and Buchi Unigwe

Prince Buchi Unigwe 

Prince Buchi Unigwe is the only Unigwe brother who is in the entertainment industry like her sisters. Prince Buchi Unigwe is a Nollywood teen actor, model and dancer.

Chimamanda S. Unigwe 

Chimamanda Unigwe is the last of the Unigwe sisters. Chimamanda Unigwe is a Nollywood child actor, Nigerian kid model and actress.
Chimamanda Unigwe sings, dances and writes

The Unigwe Mother: The mother of the Uniligwe sisters, siblings is their manager. Their mother is the owner of 5 Starz Tallent Ville, a movie production company.

5-STARZ TALENT VILLE, owned by the Unigwe mother is for Talent Management. Actors /Models🔸️Content/Digital Creator

The Unigwe father is not known as they don't flaunt him on instagram.

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