Mawuli Gavor 20 Sexy Instagram Photos: 15 Facts About The Ghanaian Actor You Didn't Know

Mawuli Gavor Instagram: Who Is Mawuli Gavor? 15 Things About Mawuli Gavor You Didn't Know About The Ghanaian Actor, Model

1 Mawuli Gavor is a TV presenter, model and Ghanaian actor

2 Age, Date Of Birth, Birthday: Mawuli Gavor was born on 22 March. He celebrated 'CoronaBirthday' in March on his Instagram account.

3 His full name is Mawuli Peter Gavor. Mawuli Gavor explains the meaning of his name. He said Mawuli means God lives

4 Mawuli Gavor also features in Nigeria Nollywood movies

5 Mawuli Gavor is from a tribe in Ghana called the Airway Tribe.

6 Mawuli Gavor was born in Ghana, but moved away after a while, lived in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

7 Though Mawuli Gavor was born in Accra, Ghana, he spent most of his adolescent age in the US where he obtained a degree in Business Management & Finance from Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

8 Mawuli Gavor has two siblings, a brother and a sister living in the USA. His sister recently wedded. Mawuli Gavor was 'bridesmaid' when sister got married

9 When he returned to Ghana after his studies in the US, he started a job as an accountant in a big firm in Ghana

10 He became a brand ambassador for Martini in Ghana and in Nigeria

11 He owns a small production company that has produced two films so far. In 2018, he won the award of Best Kiss in a movie alongside Odera Olivia Orji at the Bon Awards.

12 Mawuli Gavor on Nigerian actors and actresses that you would like to work with, he mentioned Patience Ozokwor, Kanayo O Kanayo and Tony Umez
Mawuli Gavor and Patience Ozokwor finally met On 'Chief Daddy' movie set

"I keep saying this everywhere – I will love to work with Patience Ozokwor, I love her acting, I’ve watched her since I was a kid. She is hilarious. I will do anything to work with her. Hopefully, she sees this and we manage to bring something out. Kanayo. O. Kanayo, because he looks like one of my uncles and we used to laugh at him that they look alike. Tony Umez, I love his facial expressions. I know many of them because my parents watch Nigeria movies a lot.  He told Yes International Magazine  in 2016.

13 Mawuli Gavor and Cee C Kiss: He kissed Ceec of BBNaija and they became an item after they worked on Cegar project together. Some claimed they were dating

14 Mawuli Gavor likes to work out at the gym to keep fit and work on his muscles and biceps. He flaunts his height, physique, muscular gym body on instagram by going shirtless.

15 Marriage, Girlfriend, Wife: Mawuli Gavor is not married yet. Some see him as a playboy due to his good looks, height and physique. Mawuli Gavor doesn't flaunt his girlfriend on His Instagram page.

16 Parents, Father, Mother: Mawuli Gavor parents are much alive. Photos of Mawuli Gavor mother and father

Mawuli Gavor Instagram Page Account Profile Handle mawuli_gavor

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