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All About Maureen Ihua

Maureen Ihua is a stunning veteran Nigerian Nollywood actress who has acted in over 100 Nollywood movies. Maureen Ihua acted during the days of Liz Benson and Regina Askia. The mum of 5 took a break from Nollywood to take care of her handsome husband and children but she is back to Nollywood. She has been grabbing roles since her return few years ago.

Family Background, Parents, Father, Mother: Maureen Ihua grew up in a military home. Her parents are both late. Her father was a police officer who didn't give them the freedom to go out as they would love to. He was very strict. Maureen Ihua is the first child of the family of six girls and 2 boys. They were 6 girls initially, later her mother had two boys.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Maureen Ihua is from Rivers state, Nigeria.

Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: Maureen Ihua was born on April 9.
Age: How old is Maureen Ihua?

Education: Maureen Ihua attended Mariam Girls Secondary School, Rivers State. She started acting when she was in secondary school. She was in a drama group and acted from time to time.

First Movie Role: On the first movie she did, she actually escorted a friend to an audition for a movie in Lagos – Ajao Estate. Then the producer saw her and offered her a script for another audition. She did very well at the audition and I was giving a role by merit. She played a supportive lead in the movie. That was how her journey started in Nollywood. ‘Naughty Jeff’ however brought Maureen Ihua to the limelight.

Meet actress Maureen Ihua children (sons) 

Marriage, Husband, Children: Maureen Ihua got married at the age of 18 years. She is happily married to a wonderful husband with five children. Maureen Ihua has a daughter and four boys (Sons) and they are all doing great.
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Maureen ihua, son and husband 

"My husband is very handsome. I am equally beautiful. I have natural ‘cat eyes’ that look as if I wear contact lens that everybody admires in me. I was born with that. I inherited the eye colour from my mother. For my husband, we have been married for many years. I got married when I was 18. I was very young and to date we are happily married. He loves me so much; he supports my career in every way and he is a loving husband. No young lady can seduce him and lure him away from me." Maureen Ihua gushes over her husband in This Day 2016 interview.

Eyes Colour: Maureen Ihua has hazel eye (pussy cat eye) which she inherited from her mother

Height: Maureen Ihua is quite tall.

Movies, Filmography: Agbogidi, The Monster In-law, The Blind, Stubborn Beauty, Jobless Billionaire, Naughty Jeff. Royal Banquet, Evil-Doers, Women World.

Model, Modelling: Maureen Ihua was a model before she went into Nollywood. She modelled for the company that manufactured ‘Breeze Soap’ then and she was the face on Breeze soap. The advert was everywhere because ‘Breeze’ was a popular soap then. She also modelled for the company that produced Santex Paint. She was on their calendar and everybody was calling her Santex Paint girl and the advert was on billboards, television and everywhere. She was also the face of Abuja when Abuja was made the Federal Capital Territory. She did many billboard adverts and TV commercials for many companies.

Break From Nollywood: Maureen Ihua took a break from acting at a point due to child birth, Family and husband.

She told This Day: "I was busy taking care of my family. In addition, due to childbirth I kept going on and off the screen. I needed to take good care of my kids because I love children and I do not feel relaxed leaving my children in the hands of housemaids or nannies. Though my family members were there to care for my kids if I was working, I always want to be with them – take good care of them and also take good care of my handsome husband.

Embarrassing Moment: "The period I finished shooting the movie ‘Evil Doers.’ You know some Nigerians’ mentality; they feel when you act, you are like that. They do not know it is make-believe. I went to the market one day and some children saw me and they were scared and started running. You know the movie had voodoo scenes – so much diabolic and scary scenes that astound viewers; that explained why the kids were scared of me. They started running away while some people asked me to show them my evil hands – in the movie, I would stretch out my fingers glittering with smokes to kill people. I started explaining to them I am not like that. So, I felt really embarrassed." Maureen Ihua told This Day

Net Worth: Maureen Ihua makes money from acting and other side hustles but her net Worth is unavailable.

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