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Meet Latasha Ngwube Aka LatashaLagos (Latasha Lagos) Bio, Wikipedia, Instagram, Age, Marriage, Family, Parents, Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters

Who Is Latasha Ngwube?

Latasha Ngwube is a Nigerian Writer, media personality, plus-sized model, MC/Event host, OAP who is known for being blunt.

Latasha Ngwube is a Nigerian lifestyle journalist who started her career at THIS DAY Style. Latasha Ngwube also worked with Vanguard and Allure Magazine as a fashion writer. The big, bold and beautiful lady is the face for Konga retail plus size fashion range.

Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: Latasha Ngwube was born on May 8th 1983.
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State Of Origin: Latasha Ngwube aka Latashalagos is from Nnewi in Anambra state

Family, Parents, Mother, Siblings: Latasha Ngwube parents are still much alive and kicking.
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Latasha Ngwube's father. Ozueme Arthur Ngwube, celebrated 70th birthday on December 9, 2018 at their village in Nnewi Anambra state.

Latasha Ngwube also celebrates her mother on Instagram. She also celebrates other members of her family, her sisters and brothers on her Instagram page.

Her younger brother @awesome_arthur1 works with @937rhythmfm.

Their Last born is Kingolisa David Ngwube

Marriage, Husband, Boyfriend: Latasha Ngwube is not married yet and doesn't flaunt her boyfriend or fiance or relationship on her Instagram account page.

Latasha Ngwube describes herself in a lengthy post on her Instagram page. She wrote:

"Sooooo many things I wish I could say to my younger self.
So many times I should have honored this body I was blessed with but I allowed friends, lovers, sometimes even family and total strangers shame me or put me in a corner because I did not look like them or conform to their standard of beauty. I gave them power to bestow Doubt on me, my abilities, my purpose and my mission. Therefore, I assumed, there must be something wrong with me! I could care less about the likes on this post... I just want ONE person out there to not waste his/her life feeling sorry for him/herself when you could be out here changing YOUR narrative and going after your dreams. I changed my mindset.
Now look at me today...
Accomplished writer
Award winning Lifestyle Journalist
Television Presenter
Radio OAP
Founder of @aboutthatcurvylife
Designer/Owner @thecurvymonroe
Brand/communication specialist
Social Media/Digital Influencer
MC/Event host
Actor (yes! You read correctly)
Creative Director @theatclcollective
Culture Custodian
Public Speaker
One of the BEST aunties alive
Inspiration to millions... (and so much not listed)
Guess what I’m saying to myself now?
Latasha... YOU ARE ENOUGH 💪🏾 Repeat after me...I AM ENOUGH
Note: if I go offline for the rest of the week it’s because my mother has seized my phone because she believes I’ve ruined my marriage chances by “exposing myself”."

Instagram Account Profile Handle latashalagos

Latasha Ngwube
Creative Director/Co-owner of @thecurvymonroe / Founder of @Aboutthatcurvylife/Editor-at-Large @vanguardallure

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