Jimmy Odukoya Biography, Age, Wife Kemi Odukoya, Children, Actor, Pastor, Mother, Parents, Father, Nollywood, Bimbo Odukoya Son

Who Is Jimmy Odukoya? Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Wife, Parents, Children, Wife Kemi Odukoya, Pastor, Nollywood Actor, Movies, Height

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Son, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, Is A Nollywood Actor Now

Jimmy Odukoya is a pastor and a Nigerian actor who has featured in many Nollywood movies. Jimmy Odukoya is the Son of Pastor Taiwo and Late Pastor Mrs. Bimbo Odukoya. A Pastor, Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Model, Image consultant (Style & Image) Conference Speaker, Poet and Businessman.

Jimmy Odukoya was born on April 27.

Jimmy Odukoya mother, Late Pastor Mrs. Bimbo Odukoya died in Sosoliso plane crash many years ago.

Movies/Filmography: Jimmy Odukoya has featured in the following Nollywood movies: When Life Happens, Daydream, Am Eve, Kissing The Ghost, Faded Lines, Karma Is A Gangster, Check List, Sins And Guilt, Women The Series, Isabel, Devil's Missed Call, Cooked Up Love, Tempted, Celebrity Marriage, Ordinary People among others.

Pastor/Actor: Jimmy Odukoya And Kemi Odukoya Full Biography

Jimmy Odukoya aka Pastor J is the Son of Pastor Taiwo and Late Pastor Mrs. Bimbo Odukoya. A Pastor, Singer, Rapper, Dancer, Model, Image consultant (Style & Image) Conference Speaker, Poet and Businessman, this Renaissance man does it all.

Growing up, Jimmy was very active in church activities, singing in the Children Choir, dancing with the RGK dance group and participating in any and everything once given the chance.  His love for God and the church grew continually with age.

He later moved to the America in 2002 where he lived for eight years. He earned two degrees in Business from the prestigious Oral Roberts University; A Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a minor in Public Relations and Advertising and an MBA in Business Administration graduating top of his class and receiving several awards including National academic recognition.

While living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jimmy became very active in a local church called Greenwood Christian Center (now Transformation church) under Bishop Gary and Debbie McIntosh. He became very involved in the youth church, speaking at quarterly conferences and assisting in the growth and development of the ministry. He then progressed to becoming a key player in assisting in the active college ministry of the church called B.I.O (Bring It On).

After proving himself there also, he became the assistant to the Associate Pastor at the time Pastor Calvin Battle (now Pastor of Destiny Center) where he was put in charge of all Church Operations and Service coordinations answering directly to the Associate and Senior Pastor.

He became a regular conference speaker at the church and on several occasions represented the Pastor at speaking engagements in other churches. He became a licensed Minster early 2009 which allowed him to preside over marriages and perform burials when needed.  After years of service, spiritual growth and maturing at Greenwood, Jimmy moved on to Bixby Community Church, where he became the Assistant to the Senior Pastor Dr Steve Greene.  While in service there, he was exposed to the diversity of ministry and was privileged to work with a man of great Wisdom and Humility.

Jimmy was ordained as a Pastor at the Fountain Of Life church in the summer of 2009 and upon moving back in October 2010, he became the Assistant Pastor of Church 3:16 working alongside the Coordinating Pastor at the time, Pastor Oyinda Soderu who was instrumental in establishing the framework of the youth Church under the tutelage of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

Pastor J became the Coordinating Pastor of Church 3:16 in February 2012. With a mandate to create unconventional leaders and present Christ to this generation in a radical, creative and an original way, He strives daily to honour God and serve his people the way he has been called to do.

Pastor J is married to his beautiful wife Kemi Odukoya and currently works as the executive director at FIILM.

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