Echonigeria In Copy And Paste, Copyright Infringement Scandal: Always Copies Thefamousnaija Exclusive Articles

There is a particular low budget forum known as Echonigeria that copies articles from us, Thefamousnaija.

Echonigeria just monitors Thefamousnaija like a monitoring spirit waiting for us to publish our interesting original articles for them to copy verbatim, no editing, no changes, no credit, no nothing.

We don't even need credit. All we want is for Echonigeria to stop copying articles from Thefamousnaija. It's a shame!!!!

We have reached out to the owner, the copycat via Facebook message and he shamelessly ignored us.

We are currently trying to reach agreement with our lawyers on what next move to take. We are also contacting google, Remember what happened to Linda Ikeje sometime ago for posting plagiarized article. Google took down her site.

The First Step Our Lawyer asked us to take is to publish this article as one of the evidence

Echonigeria desist from shamelessly copying and pasting stories or articles from Thefamousnaija!!!!

Be Warned!! We have all evidence 

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