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Who Is Philken Dilinna Ezenwa aka Phil Didi Ezenwa? Phil Didi Ezenwa Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Married, Family, Net Worth, Nollywood Actor

Born Philken Dilinna Ezenwa, Didi Ezenwa is a Nigerian Nollywood actor who has acted in the following Nollywood movies, Royal Hatred, Beast Of The Niger, Test Of Love, Forbidden, Great Illusion among others.

Phil Didi Ezenwa is a Nollywood Actor, producer, from Imo state Nigeria. He has featured in numerous films, his ability to effortlessly interpret his roles perfectly is one of the numerous attributes that have endeared him to lots of fans & supporters

Real Name: Didi Ezenwa full name is Philken Dilinna Ezenwa

State Of Origin: Phil Didi Ezenwa is from Imo State

Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth: Didi Ezenwa was born on September 14.

Married, Girlfriend, Wife: Didi Ezenwa is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiancee on his instagram page.

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