About Nkechi Nweje Biography, Age, Instagram, Husband, Daughters, Children, Net Worth, Movies, Family

Meet Nkechi Nweje, Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Family, Movies, Married, Husband, Daughters, Children, Net Worth, State Of Origin, Nollywood Actress, Son

Who Is Nkechi Nweje?

Nkechi Nweje is a curvy Nigerian, Nollywood actress who plays motherly roles very well. 

Full Name: Nkechi Nweje is also known as Winnie Nweje. Her full name is Nkechi Winnie Nweje.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Nkechi Nweje was born on June 5.

How old is Nkechi Nweje?
Nkechi Nweje's year of birth is not available. Nkechi Nweje looks like she is in her early 50s

Family, Marriage, Husband: Is Nkechi Nweje married?
Nkechi Nweje is happily married to Dr Azubuike Nweje and they have 6 children together
photo of Nkechi Nweje and her husband

6 Children, Daughters: Nkechi Nweje and her husband have 6 children including twins twin daughters. One of Nkechi Nweje daughters, Adaora Onyeka Nweje got married last year.

Meet Nkechi Nweje's children - daughters:

Nweje Kene (Kenechukwu) - is the last daughter

Photos from Nkechi Nweje curvy first daughter Adaora Onyeka Nweje wedding last year 

 Nkechi Nweje at her first daughter's wedding

Oma, an accountant is Nkechi Nweje's 3rd daughter. Pictured with her mum

Nkechi Nweje daughter, Ponkeey is Adaora's Twin Sister

Meet Dr Azubuike Nweje and wife Nkechi Nweje. Nkechi Nweje and her husband took this picture after her 5th Child (Throwback photo) 

Movies, Filmography: Nkechi Nweje has featured in the following Nollywood movies, Kuvuka, Wiles, Dirty Blood, Warrior Maiden, Ojike, Shattered Hope, Disunion, Bloody Throne, 3 Wise Ladies, The Black Sea, Strength Of Love, Calabar Stew, Ezeugo The Warrior, The Darkness, The Female Conductor, ugomma, The Title, House Enemy. 

State Of Origin: Nkechi Nweje Is from which state?

Net Worth: Nkechi Nweje earns about N80-180k per movie.

Nkechi Nweje Instagram Page Account Handle nkechi.nweje 

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