10 Facts About Angel Onyi Unigwe: 12 Finest Instagram Photos

Meet Angel Onyi Unigwe. Angel Onyi Unigwe Instagram Account Profile: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Angel Onyi Unigwe

1 Angel Onyi Unigwe is a teen Nollywood actress,  Nigerian model, teenage ambassador.

2 Child Actor: Angel Onyi Unigwe started as a child actress in Nollywood but has grown into a teenage actress.

3 Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age:
Angel Onyi Unigwe was born on the 27th of June.
How old is Angel Onyi Unigwe?
Angel Onyi Unigwe is a teenager. She is 13 years old plus.

4 Parents, Mother, Manager: Angel Onyi Unigwe's mother is her manager. Angel Onyi Unigwe mum owns 5 Starz Tallent Ville, a movie production company.

 Angel Onyi Unigwe mum (mother)

5 State Of Origin, Place Of Residence: Angel-Onyi Unigwe hails from Imo state. Angel Onyi Unigwe is resident in Lagos, Nigeria.

6 Awards: 1 Angel Onyi Unigwe won the Child Actor of the Year 2019 award at the Intellects Giant Award which held in Lagos.
2 Best of Nollywood (BON) and
3 Nigerian Model Achievers Award (NMAA)

7 Siblings: Angel Onyi Unigwe has an elder sister, Princess Chizzi Unigwe who is also an actress, a model and an OAP. Buchi Unigwe is her brother.

8 Twin Brother: Is Angel Onyi Unigwe Twin? Some claimed that Angel Onyi Unigwe is a twin, has a twin brother, Buchi Unigwe who is also a Nollywood child actor.
But Thefamousnaija findings show that Angel Onyi Unigwe and Prince Buchi Unigwe are not twins. That's the fact. On the 27th of June 2020, Angel Unigwe celebrated her birthday but Prince Buchi did not. Their mother only celebrated Angel's birthday, even Buchi only celebrated her sister that day. If he were her twin brother, Prince Buchi would also have celebrated his own birthday same day.

9 Interest: Angel-Onyi Unigwe has interest in arts, movies, music and dance.

10 Nollywood Journey: Angel Onyi Unigwe started her acting career with series titled ‘Alison’s Stand’ in 2015.

11 Movies: Angel Onyi Unigwe has acted in about Nollywood movies such as ‘Woe man’, ‘Everything in Between’ series, ‘Middle of nowhere,’ ‘Light in the Dark,’ ‘Three Thieves,’ ‘Ajoche,’ ‘King of boys,’ ‘Code Wilo,’ ‘Mute,’ ‘Bereaved: Pains of Aliyah,’ ‘My Siblings and I,’ ‘Zuriel's Diary,’ ‘City Crimes,’ ‘Bobo A Rats Tale,’ ‘Nigerian trade,’ ‘Ten years Married: Mirage,’ ‘Freedah,’ etc.
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12 YouTube Channel: Angel Onyi Unigwe TV

13 Full Name: Angel Onyinyechi Unigwe

14 Boyfriend: Angel Onyinyechi Unigwe doesn't have a boyfriend. She's still quite young.

Instagram: Angel Onyi Unigwe instagram Account Profile Page Handle angel_onyi_unigwe

🔸️Multi-Award winning
🔸️Teen Actor/model
🔸️Teen Ambassador
🔸️ Host @angels_teen_talk

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