Who Is Maicon Emeka? Biography, Age, Birthday, Instagram, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Wikipedia, Nollywood Actor

Meet Maicon Emeka, Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth, Net Worth, Movies, Nollywood Actor, Singer, Family, State Of Origin, Parents, Mother, Sister

Maicon Emeka is a Nigerian Nollywood actor, model and singer who now grabs many roles after years of struggling to hit the limelight.

Birthday, Date Of Birth, Age: Maicon Emeka was Born on September 17, 1995.

Marriage, Wife: Is Maicon Emeka married? Maicon Emeka is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiancee on his instagram page.

State Of  Origin: Where is Maicon Emeka from? Maicon Emeka is from Abia state. Maicon Emeka grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers state where he had his primary and secondary education.

Movies/Filmography: Maicon Emeka has starred in many Nollywood movies such as: Crime, The Bitter Truth, Love From Panya, Illiterate Hustler, Daughters in-law, Shattered Hope, Blood Battle, Local Palace Wife, Crazy Nurse, Slidding Door, Fake Marriage, Cursed, My Father's Will, My Pregnant Daughter, Chimamanda The Fisher Girl, Family Confusion, Amaka The Stubborn Spirit, Chain Of Love

Maicon Emeka Instagram Handle Profile


"My name is Maicon Emeka, I was born on the 17th of September 1995, I hail from Abia State, did my primary and secondary school in Port Harcourt. Did my higher school in Aba Abia State, Am a Passion Filled Actor, Model and fashioner for Munaluck Angels Boutique Asaba Nigeria."

"I have been roaming around the streets of Port Harcourt in a quest for better acting firms and Film production companies who might consider me as their actor or take me in and train me as their own. I find only theatre groups giving me opportunities to grow, but my aim was a bigger, better and registered firms that have three (3) to five (5) established actors on their record, to have me signed as their actor."

"Since I couldn’t find what I wanted, I decided to try the Music sector, to see if I could show face from there and when I begin to shine out, I can then go back to acting where my body and soul can’t wait to begin excising. I and my Uncle Martins Moses, did some mind blowing songs and started attending shows within the heart of Port Harcourt. We also had our way into Frank Obama’s Music video which was directed by Dj Lekture, Through the Help of Samchuks Emeka."

"One day, I decided is time I return back to my acting career, which I did through the help of my loving sister who did all the contacting for me and I moved over to Asaba Nigeria to chase and hunt for my film career. Life over there was not easy at all initially, but while the days where been counted, things where gradually getting better and I was getting jobs gradually and now is like heaven on earth because I now move from one set am filming to another."

"The first movie that statues me was the Scorpion Girl, which i did with Regina Daniels for Elshadie Movies Production, because it paved way for me to be congratulated by family and friends who saw me in the movie playing a role of a “Prince. Then many other films were out in the local market that I acted. But this other movie named “My Daughters Blood” staring Yul Edochie got me out of the crowned again. The movie “Same Blood” which I play the role of Obiora the first son was cool as well, ever since then, is been from one film set to another film set. Just few weeks ago, I finished from the set of Demark Movies which I was privileged to play a lead role with the character “IJELE” and the Title of the movie is “The Light And Darkness”.

I was featured in “Love That Matters With Samchuks Emeka 2017.

My award as the next Rated actor 2017/2018 MFC award.

Follow me on Instagram @Maicon_Emeka and on Facebook as Realmaicon.emeka"

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