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Who Is Sorochi Gift Onyekwere?
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Biography Of Onyekwere Gift

Onyekwere Gift is a Nigerian actress who has featured in a good number of Nollywood movies. Born on June 24, Sorochi Gift Onyekwere is from Isu in Imo state. Onyekwere Gift Sorochi is an ex beauty queen who won The Face Of Howan 2019. Onyekwere Sorochi Gift is also an enterprenur. She is the CEO of gifted hairs (Gift Sorochi hair.

Onyekwere Sorochi Gift has featured in the following Nollywood movies, WISDOM OF THE KING, Tears Of My Destiny, VIOLENT PRINCESS, Ije Awele The Great, The Visitor, Egg Of Love, Water Stick, KING OF PALACE, Chief Imo Onye Okada, King Of The Palace, SON OF NO MAN among others.

Onyekwere Sorochi Gift Instagram Profile
Nollywood actress
A model
Ada_isu L.G.A
Face of HOWAN 2019
CEO @gifted_hairs
Business page @giftsorochi_hairs

Meet Onyekwere Sorochi Gift mother 

Meet Ugochi Glory Onyekwere, Sorochi Gift's sister 

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