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Who Is Peace Olayemi?
Peace Olayemi is a Nigerian born actress who used to work with Kingtblakhoc. She is now a social media influencer with loyal fans who are interested in her hot pictures. She advertises adult products on her Instagram page. 

Peace Olayemi later claimed to be born again after leaving Kingtblakhoc. 

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Peace Olayemi was born on September 6. Many of her fans celebrated her birthday widely on Instagram last year.

Age: How old is Peace Olayemi?

Home Town, Tribe, State Of Origin: Peace Olayemi hails from Akure, Ondo State, South West, Nigeria.

Family, Siblings, Parents, Father, Mother: Peace Olayemi is from a poor family which made her join the 'knacking' industry.

Tattoo: Peace Olayemi likes tattoos and has her body heavily tattooed.

Peace Olayemi And Kingtblakhoc Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso Story And History: Peace Olayemi was a stooge of popular male adult movie actor, Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso, popularly known as Kingtblakhoc or KingTblak HOC before venturing into the adult movie business using social media platforms such as SnapChat, Instagram and WhatsApp. She is notable for her dark skin and voluptuous physique, particularly her chest.

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Peace Olayemi Born Again / Repentance Claim In 2017

2 Of Kingtblakhoc’s Girls Abandon Him, 'Repent', Promise Not To Do Porn Again

In 2017, Kingtblakhoc’s SnapChat was ranting about the two ladies who he dumped probably for new girls, probably because of their ungrateful attitude.

Blak kept ranting about how Gold and Olayemi disrespected him, and then urged his followers not to help people in this life, as they’d only come back to stab their benefactors at the back.

A video emerged showing one of his girls, Peace Olayemi, who claimed she had turned a new leaf, called on Nigerian to seek their candid advice on possible career prospects they can delve to.

She was with Lady Gold and they both promised never to go back to doing
porn again.

Husband, Boyfriend: Is Peace Olayemi Married? Who is Peace Olayemi dating, boyfriend? No, Peace Olayemi is not yet married but she used to date Kingtblakhoc, her ex boyfriend.

Height: How tall is Peace Olayemi?

Net Worth: Peace Olayemi Net Worth
Peace Olayemi who is a budding social media and brand influencer reportedly charges between N50,000 – N100,000 for promoting brands and products on her Instagram page. She has an estimated net worth of N2 million.

How Peace Olayemi Went From Being TBlak’s Stargirl To Running Her Own Snapchat Adult Business By The NET (Note This Is 2018 Article By NET)

Throwback Photos of Peace Olayemi with Kingtblakhoc

After a falling out with her 'African Hugh Hefner' boss, she followed his template and set up her own operations.

It seemed as if Tobiloba Isaac Jolaoso- known to fans and critics alike as King Tblak had cracked the code: he appeared on the internet less than three years ago pushing his adult videos on social media. What started like NFSW clips on Instagram soon became full-blown Adult activity on Snapchat. He charges N30,000 for access to his premium account where the show takes place.

Although Tblak features only himself as the male character, he has a collection of women who shocking are unconcerned with showing off their bodies- and their faces- wherever the videos are published. From time to time, his accounts get blocked on social media but being a savvy businessman he always manages to spring up new ones to which he redirects his audience. 

One of the most recognizable faces in his harem is a dark-skinned young lady. Perhaps it’s a consequence of her ample chest, Peace Olayemi quickly became one of his most popular Adult stars. For nearly a year, she was a constant feature in his videos- along with another favourite of his, ‘Lady Gold’. She was always excited to be in front of the camera and happy to repost clips of she and Tblak in action. Tblak claimed that his actresses earned as much as three hundred thousand naira, depending on their willingness to go all the way by showing their faces and doing it on camera without any sort of protection.

Tblak calls himself ‘African Hugh Hefner’. Like the founder of Playboy, he too soon got tired of the same faces and replaced them with newer talent. There were reports of a falling out between the two. Peace found herself surplus to requirement and out of the Tblak ‘mansion’.

For a while, it was obvious that she found it difficult to live up to the life she’d been accustomed to. The photos she posted on her Instagram showed a less glamorous setting to what her fans had been used to seeing. Tblak lives with all his women in a Lekki apartment. When Peace Olayemi stopped being the apple of his eye, she had to move away- as far as Akure where she was born and raised.

  Life After Tblak

 New Instagram Photos of Peace Olayemi

From time to time, she came back to Lagos where she ‘ran some shows’ across the hotels in the city. The question on people lips now became ‘Where’s the money she reportedly made with Tblak? If indeed he paid between fifty and three hundred thousand naira per flick, shouldn’t his best performer be well off?’ Things became dire that at a point, Olayemi and Gold put out a video where they were practically begging to be offered a decent job to escape their porn/prostitution life. ‘We have fully repented and promise not to go back to doing porn, please help us with decent jobs…’ they said.

In 2018 though, Peace is no longer begging, neither is she done with the adult business. Apparently, she realized that Tblak’s popularity was a result of his smart use of Snapchat to acquire his clientele. Using that model too, she has revamped herself. No longer associated with Tblak, she has taken matters into her own hands and attracting jocks.

She deleted all her old photos and advertised that similar to her former boss, she too has now commenced a Snapchat business, using the same method of making use of a private account to which access can be gained only after paying a subscription fee. She already has 72,000 followers on Instagram. Unlike Tblak though, she stays just on the borderline of actual adult activity: she dances, sometimes shows off her Body. 

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