Meet Somto Cody Akanegbu: 10 Finest Instagram Photos ± 10 Facts About Nollywood Actor Bio
Top 10 Things To Know About Somto Cody Akanegbu And 10 Best Instagram Pictures

Somto Cody Akanegbu is a handsome, muscled Nigerian model, Nollywood Actor and a fitness enthusiast who is from Anambra State. Born June 27, Somto Cody Akanegbu graduated from Covenant University and did his convocation in 2016.

Here Are top 10 Facts About Somto Cody Akanegbu as revealed by him on his Twitter page:

1. Extremely shy.
2. I like killing mosquitoes .
3. I’m a sapiosexual.
4. cannot see without my glasses .
5. I’m 6’3
6. addicted to working out .
7. Anly wear white and black underwear .

8. I have OCD .
9. I don’t dispose perfume bottles .
10. I can levitate with my mind.

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