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Who Is Ella Chigozie ELLA IBEH EBUBE? Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Birthday, Instagram, Real Parents, Siblings, Mother, Father, Brothers, Nollywood Actress, Child Actor, Pictures

Ella Chigozie is a beautiful, young Nigerian Nollywood actress who has featured in some Nollywood movies as child actor.

Born on the 9th of April 2013, Ella Chigozie who is blessed with beautiful hazel eyes combines acting with school. The 7 year old Ella Chigozie has featured in Nollywood movies such as Sister's Agony, Pastor Wilson to mention but a few.

Ella Chigozie parents

Family/Parents/Siblings - Ella Chigozie parents are Mr Chigozie, her father who is based abroad and her mother, Hilda Chigozie who encourages her to act in movies.
Ella Chigozie has two younger brothers. She is the eldest.
Ella Chigozie mum

Ella chigozie Instagram Profile Handle ella.chigozie ella.chigozie

Ella Chigozie recently celebrated her 7th birthday in April.

Celebrating her daughter on Instagram, Mrs Hilda Chigozie shared Ella's photos on Instagram and wrote:

"My pride is plus 1 today, happy birthday to you my treasure i could remember how God gave you to me it was a miracle n i keep thanking God every minute of my life, on the 9th of april 2013 was the happiest day of my life, when omeiheukwu said to me my child take this gift as ur daughter and that of a sister u never had and i reply him saying thank u lord am so greatful, today i decree n declare into ur life that whatever u we do to become someone great in life it shall be easy for u, you we go places the world we always celebrate u, you shall find favour and connection in everything u do in jesus name Amen..plz fam celebrate my daughter for me
Dress by ultimate world
Photography chidans.doing"

Ella Chigozie family photos 

Meet Hilda Chigozie, mother of Ella Chigozie

Meet Ella Chigozie father

Meet Ella Chigozie siblings - brothers

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