Kachi Promzy 12 Sexiest Instagram Photos: 10 Facts About Kach, Bio, Wiki, Age, Parents, Family, Nollywood Actor You Should Know

10 Facts About Kachi Promzy Biography And Wikipedia You Should Know

Meet Kachi Promzy, Kach, Age, Birthday, Bio, Wiki, Movies, Family, Parents - Father, Mother, State Of Origin, Instagram Handle kachii_p 

'Kach' Kachi Promzy is a handsome Nigerian model, entertainer, Nollywood actor, producer and MC who is gradually taking over lover boy roles in the Nigerian movie industry. Kachi Promzy was born on  June 5, and celebrated his birthday on Instagram with cute pictures.

10 Facts About Kachi Promzy Bio And Wiki You Don't Know

1 Kachi Promzy is a good-looking Nollywood actor and producer

2 Birthday, Age, Date of Birth: Kachi Promzy was born on June 5th

3 He does MC job apart from acting

4 Kach Promzy is also a model

5 Kachi Promzy is the CEO of Kach foundations/Kach Jee Globals

6 He said he is not Photogenic

7 He believes in GOD FIRST and Positive Lifestyle

8 Kachi Promzy loves his mother so much. He adores her. His father is also alive and kicking.

9 His brother is married. Kachi Promzy celebrates his Parents' birthday often on his Instagram page. His mother was born on June 20 and hs father April 12

Girlfriend, Wife: Is Kachi Promzy married?
Kachi Promzy is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend on his instagram page.

10 Kachi Promzy has acted in the following Nollywood movies, The American Prince, The Bride, My Heritage, The Survival, Greatful Heart, The Cheater, Palace Cook among others.

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Kachi Promzy Family - Parents

Kachi Promzy Father 

 Kach Promzy with mum

 Meet Kachi Promzy mother

Kachi Promzy mother and his brother  at his brother's wedding 

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