10 Facts About Stephen Odimgbe Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Parents, Height, Net Worth, Family

Meet Stephen Odimgbe 'Flashboy' Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Family, Home Town, Girlfriend, Wife, Instagram, Parents, Married? Father, Mother, Height, Net Worth, Nollywood Actor, Girlfriend, Movies

Born on 26 September, Stephen Odimgbe aka Flashboy is a handsome Nollywood actor who is from Ihiala In Anambra State, Nigeria.

Stephen Odimgbe has featured in so many Nollywood movies such as Nkasi My Son, Son Of Trouble, My First Lover, The Rich Mechanic, Fulfilled Future, How Love React, The Crazy Thing About Love, You Removed My Wife, Standing In Love, God Forbid, Princess Heart, Broken Calamity, Another Heir, Community Nurse, Fearless King, Enemy Of Royalty, ADance For the King, The Royal Battle, The Poor Party Before The Wedding among many others.

Stephen was featured in Professor Johnbull’s film playing as Churchill’s sidekick and the philanderer of the series. He played the role of Flash Boy and has since gotten the nickname of Flashboy.

Stephen Odimgbe Top 12 Facts You Probably Don't Know About

1 Full Name: Stephen Emeka Odimgbe aka Flashboy (nickname)

2 Age/Date of Birth/Birthday: Stephen Odimgbe was born on 26th of September. He always stares hot pics to celebrate his birthday.
How old is Stephen Odimgbe?

3 Stephen Odimgbe  Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria

4 Stephen Odimgbe Nationality: Nigerian

5 Stephen Odimgbe Mariage, Wife, Fiancee: Stephen Odimgbe 'Flashboy' is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or wife to be or relationship on instagram. The only white and traditional wedding Stephen Odimgbe did was in movies with Regina Daniels and many other actresses

6 Stephen Odimgbe Height: 5 feet 9 inches

7 Stephen Odimgbe Net Worth
Working as an actor in Nollywood movies there is no doubt Odimgbe earns a good fortune from his acting career as he lives in a good house and drives a good car. Stephen Odimgbe's, exact net worth is not available at the moment but he lives in a good house, has a nice car and is paid well as one of the leading Nollywood actors at the moment.

8 Home Town, State Of Origin: Stephen Odimgbe 'Flashboy' is from Ihiala In Anambra State, Nigeria.

9 Stephen Odimgbe is currently one of the most sought-after Nollywood actors, playing lead roles.

10 Stephen Odimgbe is also known as Flashboy (his nickname)

11 Stephen Odimgbe rocks tattoos

12 Stephen Odimgbe did an anti gay video sometime ago where they dealt with a gay (a skit) Stephen Odimgbe gay video got people slamming them for encouraging attacks on gays

Stephen Flashboy and Destiny Etiko On Set Of 'Nkasi My Son'

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Stephen Odimgbe at the burial of her grand mother in Ihiala

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