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Meet Uju Okoli
Uju Okoli Full Biography, Bio, Height, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Married? Child, Son, Surgery, House, Cars, Biological Father, Mother, Brother, Parents, Family, Movies, Net Worth, Nollywood Actress, Wikipedia, State of Origin. Obianuju Okoli bikini photos 

Is Uju Okoli Obi Okoli Daughter? 

History Of Uju Okoli: Everything To Know About Uju Okoli Biography, Wikipedia, Husband, Wedding, Surgery, Height, Son, House, Cars, Biological Parents, Father, Mother

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Obi Okoli daughter

Wikipedia, Profile History: About Uju Okoli 
Uju Okoli is a Nigerian born Nollywood actress, producer and television presenter. Uju Okoli is erroneously believed to be the daughter of veteran star actor, Obi Okoli which is false. Uju Okoli is notable for her role in the tv series "The Palace". 

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Real Age: Uju Okoli was born on April 26, 1983.

Home Town, State Of Origin, Tribe: Uju Okoli is from Akokwa in Imo state.

Uju Okoli pregnant, Pregnancy photo on set.

Family, Siblings, Brother, Parents, Father, Mother: Uju Okoli brother, Tony White Okoli is also a Nollywood Actor.

Uju Okoli Biological Mother: Who is the mother of Uju Okoli? Meet Uju Okoli Biological mother and her elder brother, Tony White Okoli.

Uju Okoli Biological Father: Note that, Obi Okoli is not related to Uju Okoli as Uju Okoli hails from Imo State while Obi Okoli hails from Anambra state.
Uju Okoli doesn't like to post pictures of her real, Biological father.

Uju Okoli Family Picture And Biological Parents: Uju Okoli elder brother, Tony White Okoli sharing family picture with his parents and siblings, Tony White Okoli put the record straight and wrote:
Real Family Photo of Uju Okoli and her biological parents, father, mother, brother and sister

"To all of u arguing over our father and parents, it surprises me at times when people still argue with me over this telling me I'm denying my own father, I bring to u all our parents. I'm so proud of my father and mother, I can never deny them, even though obi okoli bears the same surname with us doesn't make him our father, we r from IMO state, Akokwa precisely, obi okoli is from nsukka. So pls take note."

Uju Okoli Movies: Uju Okoli movies include, Hidden Truth, No More War (2005), The Lost Son 2 (2006) and Men on Hard Way (2007). Others include Strange love, My Last hope, Village Liars, Sound of Ikoro, Echoes of love, The Boy Is Mine, Royal Hatred, A Dance For The King, Wedding Gift and more.
Uju Okoli And Her Husband, Onny Michael on set.

Real Husband: Who is Uju Okoli husband, what is Uju Okoli husband's name? Actress Uju Okoli doesn't have a husband yet and doesn't flaunt her husband to be.
Wedding Picture of Uju Okoli and her husband, Flashboy Stephen Odimgbe in 'The Most Wanted Bachelor'
Wedding Photos of Uju Okoli and her husband, Mike Ezuruonye in 'The Missing Throne"

Boyfriend, Fiance, Married, Wedding Pictures, Marriage: Is Uju Okoli Married in real life? No, Uju Okoli is not yet married and doesn't show off her boyfriend, fiancé or relationship, dating on her Instagram page.
Photo of Uju Okoli and Zack Orji (father and daughter)

Uju Okoli Son, Child, Children: Does Uju Okoli have a child? Uju Okoli doesn't show off any Biological child, daughter or son as it's not clear if she has given birth apart from in movies.

Height: How Tall is Uju Okoli? Uju Okoli is about 5"5 feet tall.

Salary, Net Worth: Uju Okoli Net Worth is about $300,000 US Dollars. Okoli makes money from acting, endorsements and other engagements.

House, Car: Uju Okoli drives a nice car of her own and lives in a nice house.

Surgery: Did Uju Okoli do surgery? Uju Okoli is rumoured to have done surgery. It's just a rumour, not confirmed.

Uju Okoli on Set with her movie father, not her real father, Obi Okoli 

Uju Okoli Bikini, Swimsuit Photos 

Uju Okoli Filmography,  Movies


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