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Meet TC Okafor aka TC Virus Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Net Worth, Family, Wife,  Girlfriend, Nollywood Actor, Nigerian Artiste, Singer, Rapper, State Of Origin, Parents, Movies, Songs, Videos Cars, Tattoos, Tattoo, Dressing, Fashion, Hair style, Throwback Photos 

Who Is TC Okafor?
Who Is TC Virus
Meet TC Okafor
Meet TC Virus

TC Virus
Musical artist Rapper

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TC Okafor aka TC Virus is a Nollywood actor and and Nigerian artiste, singer, rapper, musician who was born on 25 December. TC Okafor Virus who has been in Nollywood for over 7 years, started acting around 2012.

TC Virus Okafor is gradually becoming a fast rising Nigerian actor lately as his Nollywood presence is being felt these days due to his weird personality.

TC Virus Okafor has a weird personality, weird dress sense that stands him out.  He has lots of tattoos on his body, rocks weird dresses and hair colours. TC Okafor Virus acts bad boy roles too in Nollywood and he delivers well.

Full Real Name: TC Okafor Virus Real Name is Okafor Toochukwu.

State Of Origin: Where is TC Okafor from?
TC Okafor Virus is from Enugu state, Nigeria.

Net Worth: TC Okafor Virus makes money from acting, singing, music, shows but his net worth has not been estimated.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: TC Okafor was born on 25 December.
How old is TC Okafor Virus?
TC Okafor hasn't revealed his year of birth.

Girlfriend, Marriage, Wife: Is TC Okafor married?
TC Okafor Virus is not yet married and doesn't flaunt his girlfriend or fiancee on his instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages.

TC Okafor is his Nollywood name, while TC Virus is his artiste name.

Okafor TC Virus Movies/Filmography

TC Virus, TC Okafor has featured in lots of Nollywood movies dating as far back as 2012 such as Lost Pride, The Ghetto Legends, Sugar Rush, Street Of Canaan, My American Son, Armageddon, Billionaire Brothers, Ghetto President, My Woman My Waist, Obele Chukwu (Odumeje).

TC Okafor aka TC Virus Throwback Photos  - Some dating as far back as 2013, 14

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Hi tc ,I 'm sonia from enugu state one of ur unknown fans.please can u help me in being an actress ,can I get connect ion with? Please 🙏
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