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Meet Sylvester Madu, Bio, Wiki, Wife Ify Ubah, Wedding Pictures, Video, Net Worth, Birthday, House, Movies, Cars, Throwback photos, pregnant wife

Who Is Sylvester Madu?

Sylvester Madu is an A-list Nigerian actor, Nollywood director, producer, and writer who was born on January 10, 1975 in Anambra State. Sylvester Madu is also a model, Screenwriter, musician, fashion designer, businessman who is the first born of family of 12 children, a tall, lanky, slim man who normally acts hard man and armed robber roles. Sylvester Madu had his primary and secondary education in Anambra State and Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maiduguri in Borno State.

Sylvester Madu and his wife, Ify Ubah got married/wedded on 14th of December 2019. Actor TAMMY OPUSUNJU was his best man on his wedding day.

Sylvester Madu is a top Nollywood actor best known for movies such as ‘Days of My Wedding’, ‘Wedding Pandemonium’, ‘To Love An Angel’, ‘Different World’ and ‘Ogbanta, the Family Hunter’, 'The Redeemer', 'The Brief Case', 'Khaki No Be Leather'. Sylvester Madu met his wife, Ify Ubah at Christmas Embassy Lagos where they wedded. Ify Ubah is pregnant.

While his wife, Ifenyinwa Ify Ubah is a model, television talk show host, event planner and actress. Ify Ubah who has featured in movies like Range Rover Babes, Eldorado and Girl Next Door recounted that she started out in the industry as a model.

“I started with modelling. My family were a bit shocked and concerned because they know I am ‘bookworm’ and felt it would distract me from my studies. After a long while, they got used to it and started supporting me”.

Sylvester Madu 1982 Vs 2019 Pictures

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