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Steve Chuks is a handsome Nollywood actor, Content creator, host, Nigerian Comedian, youtuberand vlogger. Steven Chuks is from Anambra State, Nigeria. Steve Chuks is an only son to a family of three. Steven Chuks studied Theatre Arts in the university of Lagos

Steven Chuks began his vlogging career in 2013 when he opened a YouTube channel where he was only vlogging. In 2014, he started the Steve Chuks show and then the comedy skits.

He also has a career in acting featuring in his first movie ”To Have and Hold” produced by Africa Magic and directed by Alex mouth, Hush, industreet, the agony.

In 2018, Steve began his stage play "I be man" which talks about toxic masculinity and has since been widely accepted!

Steve is also an Editor of the magazine Radronline and has gained over

He is renowned for making skit videos that are centered on women and how they react to different situations. In his skits, he plays a classy feminine character named “Cleopatra” and also as an elderly woman named “Madam gold” amongs Many other characters.

Steve Chuks Gay Rumours 

Some think that Steve Chuks is gay due to the way he wears makes up weaves, and other female clothes for his comedy Skits. But those who know Steven Chuks defended him and said he is not gay, that he only does the feminine things because of his career.

Steven Chuks is not yet married, he's single

Steven Chuks and his mother

Steven Chuks and his sister - throwback

photos of Steven Chuks

Steve Chuks WIKIPEDIA 

Akaelu Steven Ebuka, professionally known as Steve Chuks or Steven Chuks, is a Nigerian-born comedian and actor.

Akaelu Steven Ebuka
19, June 1997
Comedian, Actor

Early life/Background

Born on 19 of June 1997 in lagos state, Steve is from Nnewi local government in anambra state, eastern part of Nigeria. He attended Genesis nursery and primary school, then Unique height secondary school and a graduate of Theatre Arts from the university of Lagos.

Personal life

Steve grew up in Lagos state Nigeria, He lost his father at a tender age, he is the only son amongst two sisters and a single mother.

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