Stanley Igboanugo Biography, Age, Birthday, Wife, Son, Wedding Pictures, Net Worth, Nollywood Actor, Movies

Meet Stanley Igboanugo Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Family, Wife, Wedding Pictures, Son, Nollywood Actor, Net Worth, Mother, Movies, State Of Origin, Videos

Stanley Igboanugo Instagram account: stanleyigboanugo7
Stanley Igboanugo [Lily] Nollywood actor
Who is Stanley Igboanugo Lily?

Stanley Igboanugo is a Nollywood actor who has featured in many Nigerian movies with A-list actors. Stanley Igboanugo was born on November 24 .... The Enugu born Stanley Igboanugo got married to his wife in December 2019.

They did tradition wedding. Stanley Igboanugo doesn't care about white wedding. He's against it. Stanley Igboanugo and his wife already have a son before their wedding.

Stanley Igboanugo has featured in the following Nollywood movies: Different Strokes, Malice, The Way Of Love, Marriage Pressure, Adaora, Blind Sided, Heart Of Gold, HEART BEAT OF LOVE, Loving A Crippled Prince, Never Yours, In The Name Of Love, CUPIDS ARROW among others.

Stanley Igboanugo and Eve Esin kissed and acted together in 'Cupids Arrow'. It generated lots of comments as it was coming shortly after his wedding.

Meet Stanley Igboanugo's mother, Lady Juliet Igboanugo. 

Meet Stanley Igboanugo, wife and son

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Stanley Igboanugo Traditional Wedding Pictures 

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