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Sanni Iyabo, popularly known as Paramount Komedy, is a social media comedian and Nollywood actress with 117,000 followers on Instagram. Born on March 10, Sanni Iyabo Paramount Komedy is a social media celebrity who has lots of fans online. She is a student of Tai Solarin University Of Education Ijagun (TASUED) who was once poisoned by her jealous schoolmate.

I once hawked in traffic to make ends meet –Paramount Komedy Tells The PUNCH 

When did you notice you had a talent for comedy?

I have been involved in church and school dramas from a young age. I realised I was good at comedy then because people usually sang my praises that I was a good child actor. I never took it seriously though; it was just something I enjoyed doing. It was when I gained admission into the university in 2016 that I began taking it seriously.

Your skits are different from the regular ones your colleagues put out there. What inspires you?

When I started, I was also making the regular skits but I didn’t get enough recognition. Last year, I came up with an entirely different concept which went viral and brought a lot of traffic to my page. I realised people loved that style and I decided to stick to it.

I am a student of Creative Arts and on that fateful day, I was on a production set with my course mates when I had an idea– in Nollywood movies, especially the Yoruba ones, there is a particular way they act a scene in which someone dies and I decided to recreate it but in a funny way. I spiced it with slangs that were in vogue and just as I expected, it turned out well.

Since the skit attracted a lot of traffic, I decided to make it my trademark. I have always wanted to be in the movie industry and I realised that could be a channel for me to break into the industry.

Have actors, directors and producers been reaching out to you?

Yes, I have got a number of requests, though they are not much. The kinds of people I look up to in the industry have actually reached out me. But because I am still in school, I haven’t really had the time to do a movie with any of them. However, they understand that and they have been advising me on how I can be a better version of myself. I know I have the talent and I believe that if I work hard, everything would turn out well for me.

What are some of the efforts you put into making your skits?

One has to work with good people that are committed and have the same vision like one. I have my cinematographers and other people who work with me. We are always together and they know what I want. This understanding makes things go smoothly whenever we are making skits.

People are always there for me, so all I have to put in is my talent, time and effort to ensure we produce something good.

I don’t do things that I cannot afford. So, I create concepts based on where I am at the moment. If I am beside a river, I would create a content that would be suitable for that location.

For my skits, I tend to portray typical Yoruba settings. To capture viewers’ interests, I ensure that we have the right costumes. If costumes are not available, we would improvise and make them ourselves.

A lot of people are usually featured in your skits. Do you pay them?

Most of the people featured in my skits are my course mates, so, I don’t have to pay them. We all love acting and they are always willing to feature in my skits. Even if I want to pay them, I don’t think they would accept it because they understand that we’re all growing together.

Paramount komedy poisoned by fellow student with Sniper

Actor and comedian Sanni Iyabo popularly known as Paramount komedy and Mofunlewi Joshua Marioin also known as Mario Talker, they both revealed in separate posts on Instagram that they were poisoned by the same person who stole from them.

According to Paramount komedy and Mario Talker, Ifeanyi Godwin who goes by the name efy nwamama poured ‘Sniper’ in their drink and groundnut oil.

In the video Efy confessed to stealing N57,000 from Paramount and mixing sniper in their drink and cooking groundnut oil.

Efy who is a Student 400level student of the Tai Solarin University of Education, TASUED Ogun state has been handed over to the school authorities.

Paramount komedy and Mario Talker who are also student of TASUED have featured Efy in their comedy skits.

Paramount wrote ”after stealing my money,he went ahead and poured sniper in my drink and food,d little I ate out of d food caused me a lot of harm last week but I thank God for life…we v been so cool to u @efynwamama ,I even suspected someone else….this guy no want make I blow…I had to deceive him here….but what if I let him go and he hurt me in future?am so sad he wanted to kill I and @mariotalker

”It was not easy taking the guy to the school authorities kus everyone is just angry,it’s so sad kus this guy has been working with us for a while and I liked him so much,he is with d school authorities,I feel pity for him still but @efynwamama ,u really fucked up…now I don’t know who to trust or not to thanks to everyone that called and texted,this won’t stop me from shooting more skits…thank u God” She added

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