Female Amplified Radio Staff Not Allowed To Enter The National Assembly For Wearing This - @ProfUkay (Photos)

A twitter user, BlackGirlsRock @ProfUkay has cried out after she was allegedly embarrassed, bounced and sent out of the National Assembly over her dressing.

The lady wrote:

 what is your dress code policy for entering the National Assembly? Today I was denied access to cover the #socialmediabill public hearing for my organisation
@AmplifiedR on the grounds that I am indecently dressed.
Actually, they had no complaints about my arms. They said my dress was too short and thus, indecent.

I am so livid babes. Like, how do you look at this dress and say it is too short and that I am indecently dressed? How?

Sadly, this occurrence is quite common in the National Assembly. Any security official can deny a person access based on how they are dressed

There was not a single person on the queue with me who agreed with the man who denied me access that my dress was too short. I hope the National Assembly takes this seriously and address this obvious infringement on the rights of citizens

It's definitely those at the main gate where you pick a pass. What's annoying is that if I was in a car and drove straight in, there'd be no issue with my dress.

See more photos and reactions from Nigerians after the cut.....


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