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Meet Jasmine O. Rajinder, Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Nollywood Child Actress, Nigerian Actress, Birthday, Family, Parents, Mother, Father, Younger, Sister, State Of Origin, Net Worth, Movies, Throwback photos

Who is Jasmine Rajinder?
Jasmine O. Rajinder Instagram: jasmine4rita

Jasmine Rajinder is a fast rising Nollywood actress and model. She has been transitioning from a child actress to a teenage Nigerian actress. Jasmine O. Rajinder was born on January 14. She always celebrates her mother by flaunting her. She has never shared a photo of her father. Jasmine O. Rajinder has a younger sister.

Jasmine O. Rajinder has featured in some Nollywood movies with A-list actors, such films include: 'The illiterate Girl Rebecca' 'Spirit Of A Dumb Wife'.

Jasmine O. Rajinder Profile
God's little Angel..
A Nollywood Actress
Up for Modelling
Face Of Everything kids
Beauty And Brainy
A Dancer 💃
I Love God So much

Photos of Jasmine Rajinder with her mother 

Throwback photos of Jasmine Rajinder

Jasmine Rajinder's little kid sister 

Jasmine O. Rajinder with Jerry Williams

Jasmine O. Rajinder with Onny Micheal 

 Jasmine Rajinder and her mother
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