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Who Is Roxy Antak?

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Roxy Antak Age/Date Of Birth/Birthday: born on October 19 over 30 years ago.

Roxy Antak Edem is a good-looking Nollywood actor, model, born on October 19 over 30 years ago in Lagos to parents who are from Akwa Ibom state. Roxy Antak had his primary and secondary education in Lagos and later proceeded for a degree in Mathematics & Economics at the University of Benin where he graduated from.

Roxy Antak Edem is from a family of 7 including his father and mother - he has 4 siblings, and he is the 3rd child.

Marital Status: Roxy Antak Edem is not yet married. He's single.

Roxy Antak Nollywood Filmography/Movies:

Roxy Antak Edem started his acting career as a child actor at the age of 9 with ‘Tales by Moonlight’ on NTA, then as an adult with a cameo appearance on 'Tinsel' in 2010.

Roxy Antak Edem has featured in the following movies: ‘The Women’, ’The Present’, 'Grey Shadows’, When Love Finds You’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘JUNE’,' Roberta’, ‘Bandits’, ‘Baby Mama’, 'Grey Area', 'Lost Conscience'.

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Edem Roxy Antak's Interview With New Telegraph In 2017

What was growing up like?

I was born to an Akwa-Ibom to a Christian couple, a Nigerian Customs Service Officer and his beautiful Wife in Surulere, Lagos State about three decades and some years ago. We were not so poor so my four siblings and I of which I’m third in line, had a very comfortable childhood which would have been seen as luxurious to most families back then. I remember flaunting naira notes when some of my mates could only have access to naira coins. It was all to God’s glory that my parents were not doing badly as at that time.

What’s your educational background?

My siblings and I attended a quality primary school, Pampers Private School then at Modupe Johnson Street, Surulere, Lagos, which was one of the most expensive primary schools back then with quality teachers and learning resources. I forever thank my parents for providing quality education platform for us. I later gained admission to Iponri Estate High School, Iponri, Lagos for my secondary education and went ahead to study Mathematics & Economics at the University of Benin. I am currently a professional trainee with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA, where I will eventually get a Masters from University of London with the ACCA prefix added to my name.

Are you still going to be doing things alongside that line while you act?

Yes of course, I could be a financial consultant on annual reporting if I want or an auditor who doesn’t work every day. There are lots of other opportunities I can explore.

Do you intend to make acting your full career path?

It’s a dual career path for me where one is being an actor and the other is handling the financial troubles of other establishments. But at this stage, acting will make the most of it.

Have you always wanted to act?

Frankly speaking, I don’t think I ever fathomed being an actor. In fact, growing up, I had not yet figured out what profession I would delve into even though my father wanted me to be a lawyer. Nevertheless, I have always been a natural entertainer to my mother and siblings, as I would make a stage of our living room just for the sake of my dance, comedy and acting exhibitions, and yes, they were always entertained as I often got nicknames like, Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Doctor Shine etc.

When was your first stint in acting and what’s the name of the film or drama you featured in?

My first ever experience in front of the camera was for the old series, ‘Tales by Moonlight’ which was aired by NTA. But I was only a child then maybe at age nine. Then I went missing in action for a while. I remember watching and being envious of the kids that featured in the series ‘Kiddie Vision 101’ and ‘Speak Out’. Anyway, after school, my next appearance in front of the camera aside modelling and other student shows on campus is the Africa Magic TV Drama series, ‘Tinsel’. I joined as a cameo player in 2010, playing the role of a Forensics Cop. Others followed eventually, but I give my acting exposure to ‘Tinsel’ even though the appearance of my character was seldom; only when there was a funny crime in the neighborhood.

Why did you leave your profession for acting and what were you doing previously?

I just hope my former employer doesn’t get to read this interview. I worked simultaneously for two firms although owned by the same person; one is the Gazzelle Academy, an organisation focused on skills acquisition and empowerment in Nigeria. I was then the Head of Staff and Operations, the other firm is Personnelty Fit Limited (PFL), an organisation that provides corporate trainings for the optimisation of human assets for client firms, recruitment services and other HR responsibilities. PFL mostly trains banks and other large organisations who seek tailored trainings to upgrade their work force on a regular basis. I was their Facilitating Assistant. I pleaded with my employer to permit me to leave both establishments so as to pursue both my ACCA Certification and career in the entertainment industry at the same time, but I miss my former jobs and colleagues every now and then. I owe most of my success to my former employer; the trainings I received for free and of course her continuous mentorship which hasn’t ended till now, just in case you wish to look her up, she is Mrs. Muna-Onuzo Iyanam and she isn’t just a good boss, she is a good leader.

When did you join Nollywood fully?

I joined fully since 2010 with ‘Tinsel’, but I would say I recently doubled my efforts generally in terms of appearance in auditions and events, acting skill & voice texture, maintaining more profitable relationships with my Nollywood employers and colleagues.

Mention some of the movies or dramas you’ve featured in, which one gave you the big break?

In no particular order, the ones I played either relevant or lead roles are: ‘The Women’ by Blessing Egbe (An award winning movie currently showing in the cinemas),’The Present’ by an Indian Producer, Ashvin Meshram (To be premiered abroad),’Grey Shadows’ by Shan George (Premiering in Lagos on 29th November 2017), ‘When Love Finds You’ A ChinneyLove Eze Production (Currently shows on Ibaka TV), ‘Nightmare’, a true life story by Jennifer Asiegbu, ‘JUNE’ by ChinneyLove Eze again, (Premiering on the 2nd February 2018) and ‘Roberta’ by Steph Nora. There are also a couple of others that are hitting the cinemas but I did not play a prominent role in them, a few are; ‘Bandits’, ‘Baby Mama’ etc. Not all of them are released yet but the one that has lifted me to limelight is ‘The Women’ by Blessing Egbe where I played the role of Johnny the Chef who was entangled in a sex affair with his Boss’s wife. Boss was played by Gregory Ojefua and Wife was Kate Henshaw. ‘The Women’ is a very good movie and I encourage men and women to go see it together, more fun that way.

Mention some of the big names you’ve acted with?

They’re plenty! I hope I can remember enough to list here. As for movies, I have acted with Kate Henshaw, Joke Silva, Shan George, Chiwetalu Agu, Kalu Ikeagwu, Wale Ojo, Ireti Doyle, Empress Njamah, Uche Jumbo, Michelle Dede, Mike Godson, Esther Ene, Vector, Gifty of Big brother Nigeria etc.

As for TV commercials I have acted with King Sunny Ade, Waje, Omawumi, Desmond Elliot, RMD, MI, Davido, Dele Momodu, Sammy Okposo, Korede Bello etc. I guess it’s going to be an endless list so I will just stop right here.

You are good looking. Do you think that has played a big part in your being part of Nollywood?

Thanks for the compliment; it’s much appreciated even though I rarely believe it. Being handsome has little to do with being a great actor, different scripts for different characters and for different looks or physical features. I have been rejected for roles just because I’m light skinned or not dark enough. As ‘Tinsel’ Cop, I had to constantly squeeze my face so that I can come out ugly since I was hearing rumours that I might be too good looking for a policeman. I did not want to lose the role. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is actors should focus more on their skill, once that is covered you can then look at the mirror.

How do you keep fit?

I don’t do much though, I guess my athletic physique is hereditary, I don’t smoke or drink excessively, I don’t even go clubbing, not that I condemn it. I jog when I have time, I tone my muscles in the gym too but recently it has not been easy managing time as activities are on the rise. I play lots of chess to keep my brain healthy.

Which part of your body features do you think stands you out?

My smile catches a wide range of looks, my eyes get people more interested in being my friends, but my voice texture seems to be the killer. Folks around me say I have a fantastic radio-toned voice, and that when I speak, people turn their necks to see who is talking. I now believe I have a great voice as it got me most of the jobs I’ve done. The Indian producer I worked with told me he liked my voice and eyes for his production.

Describe your fashion style?

I am a decent dresser. I prefer to be seen in suits though, blame that on the numerous trainings I witnessed with my former employer. I am mostly formal when I’m out.

Are you married or in a relationship? If not married, would you like to marry a female actress?

I’m single and not in a relationship. I can marry a lady from any tribe, race or legitimate profession; it’s more about her heart.

What are the qualities you look out for in a woman?

I want beauty with brains plus a good heart; hope that is not too much to ask for?

What qualities put you off?

The use of foul language, littering, unprofessionalism and corruption puts me off.

What was the most challenging part in a movie you acted? How were you able to overcome?

I was never really a tear-shedding kid while growing up, but Nollywood has taught me how to cry. In the movie, ‘The Present’, I learnt and conquered the skill of shedding tears, I would think about a loved one dying in my arms… that sure works till now.

Would you play a very sexy or raunchy scene in a movie?

Yes I will, as long as my genitals do not get exposed. I’m a professional.

What stands you out?

My confidence and executive presence as people call it and of course, my voice texture.

What or who inspires you?

I get inspired when I think about my goals, that is enough to get me up every morning.

Where do you see yourself in three years’ time?

One word…. Hollywood.

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