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Who Is Angela Eguavoen?
Meet Angela Eguavoen Bio, Wiki, Birthday, Twin Sister, Nollywood Actress, Net Worth, Boyfriend, State Of Origin, Movies, Hairstyle, Family, Education, Date Of Birth

All About Angela Eguavoen: Things You Don't Know About The Nollywood Actress Angela Iyobosasere Eguavoen.

Angela Eguavoen is a beautiful fast rising Nollywood actress and producer who hails from Edo State, Nigeria. Angela Eguavoen was born on December 24th 1993. She is a graduate of the University of Ibadan. Angela Eguavoen has a twin sister who is her lookalike (Identical twins kind of). Angela Eguavoen likes to rock low cut as she barbs her hair. Angela Eguavoen has featured I. the following movies, BLOOD OF ENOGIE, Unwise King, DRY TEARS and 'Stillborn' which she produced. Her full name is Angela Iyobosasere Eguavoen.

Speaking on her kind of man, Angela Eguavoen told PUNCH:

“I easily get attracted to funny, dark, tall, generous and romantic men. When he smells good, kisses well and has all these qualities, he literally has my ‘mumu’ button.”

Meet Angela Eguavoen and her Twin Sister

In an Interview, Angela Eguavoen tells EyesofAfrikaTV about herself, who she is, her lifestyle, career and what she does outside acting.

• What is your full name?

Angela Iyobosasere Eguavoen

• Where are you from?

Edo state

• Where and when were you born?

Edo state, Dec 24th 1993

• Tell us about your educational background?

I attend Ikaladehran primary school, Paradise group of schools in Benin City, and University of Ibadan.

• Tell us about your job?

I am an actress.

• What is your job description?

I am also a film producer, STILLBORN is a movie i just produce

• Why did you choose this Profession?

I have always wanted to be an actress from childhood.

• What are the challenges you face and how do you surmount them?

I really can’t wrap my head around any challenges at the moment.

• What Inspires you to choose this profession?

The fact that I get to meet different people at different times is a huge inspiration.

• Who is your roles model?

My Mother. Profession wise: Rita Dominic, Mercy Johnson, Viola Davis.

• Where did you work before you start acting?

I’ve just been acting (Laugh)

• What are your long term goals?

To be happy, become a better version of me, live a life worth emulating and make as many people as feasible happy.

• Does your job affect your social life?

My job just makes me more sociable and recognized.

• What are your other interests?

I love music, I sing a lot and I love fashion too. I might just become a musician and a fashion designer as well (Laugh)

• What do you do for fun?

Hangout with friends, or stay at home and watch movies.

• What is your favourite quotes?

It is well.

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