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Meet Amarachi Igidimbah Aka PINO PINO (Goddessamah) About Amarachi Igidimbah Nollywood Actress, Bio, Wikipedia, Married, Age, Net Worth, Birthday, State of Origin, Movies, Parents, Boyfriend, Husband, Family

Who Is Amarachi Amara Igidimbah?

Born in June 1991, Amarachi Igidimbah is a fast rising beautiful Nollywood actress. 

Date Of Birthday, Birthday, Age: Amarachi Igidimbah was born on 8th June 1991.

Age: How old is Amarachi Igidimbah? Amarachi Igidimbah is 29 years old as at 2020.

Home Town, State Of Origin: Amarachi Igidimbah's state of origin is Imo State, from Oguta Local Government Area. 

Year Of Joining Nollywood: Amara Igidimbah started her acting career in 2013 with the movie "Before Christmas". 

Movies: Amarachi Igidimbah graduated from Imo State University, Owerri, where she studied Human Relations. Amarachi Igidimbah has featured in lots of Nollywood movies such as 'Ozonigbo''Problem Child'.

Wikipedia: Amarachi Igidimbah Date of Birth, Profile And Awards:
CEO @wigsbyamah
CEO @wigsbyamah_naturalhairsalon
Born: 8 June 1991 (age 28 years as at January 2020)
Marital status: single
Awards: City People Movie Award for Most Promising Actress of the Year (Igbo)
Nominations: City People Movie Award for Best New Actress of the Year (English)

Husband: Is Amarachi Igidimbah Married? Amarachi Igidimbah is not yet married and doesn't show off her boyfriend or fiancee on her Instagram Page.

Wedding: Amarachi Igidimbah hasn't revealed any marriage or wedding plans.

Height: How tall is Amarachi Igidimbah?

Net Worth: Amarachi Igidimbah makes money from acting and from her hair business as the CEO Wigs By Amah, drives nice car but Amarachi Igidimbah's net worth is unavailable.

Family, Parents, Father, Mother: Meet Amarachi Igidimbah's mother.

Amarachi Igidimbah celebrated her mother's 60th birthday on January 31st

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