Video: Looters At Sangotedo Mall, Soldiers Act - Lady Narrates Experience

A Nigerian lady, Mehreet Aka LagosCoodSeries, has narrated her shocking existence in Lagos by sharing a shocking video of hot exchange as soldiers engage looters in Lagos.

This is happening because of the Xenophobic attacks in South Africa which has made some few Nigerians to start looting.

"Experienced this while going to work this morning, looters are still flocking Sangotedo Mall and Soldiers are not having it!!! They’re shooting non stop, bullets flying everywhere, a young man held a large stone to smash my windshield, he said “our people are dying, una dey work." - Mehreet Aka LagosCoodSeries,

" They’re literally being hateful to their fellow Nigerians as I am apparently not a foriegner! But is this the best way to go about this! If not for his counterpart who told him to leave us as we are just girls” i was with @MizGlamfairy".

"But we’re safe!!!! The Soldiers were shooting, i saw bullets flying for the first time.....was going to hide under my car but someone asked us to just bend in the car and stay still. Thank God for life."

"I’m at work but can’t do anything as I’m still shook! If that guy threw a stone at my windshield, it certainly would have landed on my head and God knows what would have happend. These people have no value for life at all...."

Watch the video

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