Video: "The Level Of Moral Decay These Days Is Alarming"

Many Nigerians are worried about the high rate of moral decadence in the society nowadays. The advent of social media seems to have worsened the whole thing.

These days people do all sorts of 'indecent' things and post them on social media just to trend. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook may have escalated the rate of immorality in the present day society.

All sorts of dance moves have been introduced, One Corner, Twerking and recently "Soapy".

Recently, a video emerged online, showing a lady twerking and pulling her dress to twerk with her unclad backside. This got tongues wagging.

A Nigerian man, Innoachukwu, condemned the lady in the video and other ladies that do such. Reacting to the video, Innoachukwu said

"The level of moral decay in this country is alarming, ladies are losing their values daily..."

Watch the video after the cut

What do you think about the high rate of moral decay these days? Will it be worst in about 10 years time from now? How can parents help to prevent their kids from joining the bandwagon?

Watch the video

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