Thegirltalker Called Jesus Name In Cucumber Video: Vlogger Under Fire

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Nigerian Vlogger, Thegirltalker, Under Fire For Calling God's Name While Se..xualizing Huge Cucumber.

Nigerian Self-love advocate, Vlogger, Model and Event Host, popularly known as Thegirltalker is currently under fire for disrespecting God and calling the name of Jesus, Jehovah in vain.

She used Jesus, Jehovah while se.xualizing a massive cucumber and thus has made some angry Nigerians blast her for insulting God. She captioned the Cucumber

'big cassava'. 

Watch the controversial video and see how Nigerians reacted. 

iamjoeblo: "Y is she shouting Jesus nw thunder fire u. #wakaaa" 

i_am_diche: "Erm... Stop using the name of the Lord Jesus in vain"

teez_gram_art: "You dey call Jesus on top LGA.?"

rexdivy_ "She called Jehovah"

reubenj41: "Jesus times 3" 

effixzzyboss: "You talk thrash, then you call Jesus..."

dahfrikanboy: "She is calling Jesus... If Jesus decides to answer now nko... Calling Jesus & Kolakolagbo in one sentence"

sarah_veecent: "God insult"

delicious_cookey: "Since I can’t sleep, I gahz laugh the way she shouted”Jesus Jesus” tho"

Watch the video

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