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Meet Cynthia Okeke Amaka Aka Cici Officiacici: Biography, Wikipedia, Birthday, State Of Origin, Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Nollywood Actress, Instagram, Profile, Real Age, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Parents, Father, Mother

Who Is Cynthia Okeke Aka Cici Officiacici?
How Old Is Cynthia Okeke Aka Cici Officiacici?

Cynthia Okeke Aka Cici Officiacici is a young, beautiful upcoming Nollywood actress born on 31st January. She is said to be a teenage actress (but we can't confirm that claim)

Cynthia Okeke Aka Cici Officiacici is also a young entrepreneur. She is the CEO of Cici swears, a Global retail store for male wears and Cicis Kitchen.

She is very much and this has always attracted her more fans as many guys try to get her attention at all cost.

I need a husband, I’m single, Nollywood actress, Cynthia Okeke cries out

Whether seeking attention or acting out a fantasy or plainly speaking out her problem, a budding Nollywood actress known as Cynthia Amaka Okeke, and who calls herself ‘OfficiaCici’ on Instagram hijacked the attention of so many people when she posted a video, frantically crying out that she needs a husband.

The sensually busty and beautiful actress cut a picture of the proverbial ‘damsel in distress’ in the video, looking dejected, desperate and almost hysterical.

“Does anybody want a wife? I’m single. I got no kids, I can cook. People say I’m funny. Your Mama doesn’t love me. Do you want a wife?” she wailed in the video.

“Biko, drop your thoughts and send your application to my manager. If you are ready we will be getting married next week,” she added.

When you discovered your husband and mum were once lovers!(Opens in a new browser tab)
Of course, there was a barrage of comments, both negative and positive. But it appeared the actress knew exactly what she did and what to expect and she had an ample reaction to every query on her page.

“I have a new theory in life; what other people think of me is truly none of my business,” she said in another post.

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A recent video of hers rocking to a music got her fans talking as her fans focused on her chest and lost concentration.

Watch the video

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