Nigerian Woman's Shop Destroyed In Ghana By Men High On Condemned Engine Oil (Video)
"You Can Do To Me Whatever You Like Because I Am In Your Country" - Heartbreaking Video Of Nigerian Woman Who Sells Spare Parts in Ghana Crying Out In Pains After Some Ghanaian Guys Who Drank Condemned Engine Oil Came And Destroyed Her Shop In Kumasi Telling Her
to Go Back To Nigeria!

Recently, Nigerians have been in the news in Ghana. Series of reports about Nigerians engaging in robbery, rape, etc have flooded the Ghanaian media.

This has led to series of attacks on Nigerians living in Ghana. Nigerians in Ghana have been crying out over the destruction of their businesses in their host country.

This video shows the moment some guys, high on condemned engine oil, stormed a Nigerian lady's office and started destroying her shop.
The Nigerian lady told them their people (Ghanaians) are living in Nigeria and USA...

Watch the video Heartbreaking video below and see reactions from both Nigerians and Ghanaians.

Watch the video

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