Lady Drags Her Boyfriend Away From Another Lady He Was Dancing With On Stage
An angry and jealous lady Watch her boyfriend dance with another lady on stage.

When the dance went deeper, she couldn't take it anymore she had to act to her man off the stage.

She went and dragged her man off the other lady while hitting him and pulling his shirt. She was so fierce and visibly angry.

Some have blamed the boyfriend for taking the dance too far, knowing fully well that his girlfriend was there.

Instagram user, Hentica82 feels the man was disrespecting the girlfriend:

"That’s very disrespectful. How can you have your girlfriend right there and still go ahead to do such . It’s plain rude and mean."

However, Others felt the lady acted in abusive manner by attacking the boyfriend and hitting him. Someone said, if it were there other way round, where the man had attacked the lady, people would have shouted 'abuse'.

Ladies, what would you have done if you saw your man dance in such a manner with another lady in your presence?

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Jayjay said…
Blame your presence in such lewd environment...
jeetech said…
So rude of her
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